God and Satan

Words by Simon Neil

I talk to god as much
As I talk to satan
‘Cause I want to hear both sides
Does that make me cynical
There are no miracles and
This is no miraculous life

I savour hate as much as I crave love
Because I’m just a twisted guy
Is this the pinnacle, is this the pinnacle
The pinnacle of being alive?
Now I see the light

Well I look up to god
But I see trouble
‘Cause this ain’t a miracle
I just want to take my chance
To live through a miracle
I know for certain that someone
Is watching but is it from up or down?
I make you miserable you stick with me
Although you know I’m gonna
Ruin your life we walk into the tide
When the seesaw snaps and splinters
Your hand don’t come crying to me
I’ll only see your good side
And believe it’s a miracle, a miracle

I slap the water and watch the fish dance
To the ripples of us
We’re just dull blue duds Blinking eyes encased in rust

This ain’t a miracle
This ain’t a miracle 

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