Shock Shock

Words by Simon Neil

Well you scratch and you scratch ‘til your face comes away
Replaced by a hole a vortex just waiting to play
I commend your violence

Well I enter a cave with my wrists sticking out
The soles of my feet worn down to a dusty mess
I’ll stay numb to these accidents

Well you talk and you talk like you’re trying to shock me
I don’t even know what the fuck we’re still arguing about
Maintain my silence

You’re a shame to your dad ‘cause you’re killing his days
Irresponsible life you’ve only yourself to blame
Maintain your friendliness

You’re wondering why you’re exhausted, exhausted from
Using these lies
I’m sure you’ll regress again
Maintain your silence
I’ve been crippled by shock, shocked again
I’ll continue to douse your violence
With kisses of hate and silence
I’ve been crippled by shock 

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