Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies

Words by Simon Neil

Come on baby do you think it’s good to feel
Like I’m lying here swimming in memories
I fear God because everything dies babe
Got a gun in the back of my car
A spasm of good sense is making my eye twitch
I’ve had enough of all your consolation

I’m drowning caught in a shit tide
Tape my face to the inside of love
Nothing to eat but fears in the backseat
Well I’ve met God and he had nothing to say to me

I pray to God that you’re right before my eyes
Bathed in white light with halos in your eyes

Don’t wanna waste no more time
Time’s what we don’t have
Everywhere I look someone dies
Wonder when it’s my turn

How well do you know me?
Leave an open door, what you looking for
Babe when you come down?
I built a time machine to escape from 
All the pain in the back of my car
Living’s a problem because everything dies babe
Save yourself you’re not too far away

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