Snow Snow Everywhere…


a snowy update from the second leg of the European Tour….

You join us in Helsinki, where we flew in this afternoon for a show in Nosturi, which has excitingly sold out. Hello Folks.

Welcome back to the tour diary.

You join us in Helsinki, where we flew in this afternoon for a show in Nosturi, which has excitingly sold out. The venue is beneath a massive crane, on the seafront. Its rather amazing, considering the whole city is under 3 feet of snow. The most snow in 60 years apparently, but I think everyone says that, whenever it snows anywhere.
In any case, the view from my hotel room is amazing. The harbour is completely frozen over.

Its about 40 minutes to showtime just now…

The setlist over this tour has been a little bit varied. Whorses is now in the set, some of you will be excited to know…

Its been quite a wall-to-wall day… Our flight was delayed from leaving Copenhagen this morning, so we sat on the plane for an hour or so before anything happened. A good chance to close our eyes though, since we were up hideously early to catch said flight.
There’s about 10 of us travelling on this tour (intros shortly) so once through security, everyone tends to scatter… As often tends to be the case, the band and I leave it til the last minute to actually get on board the plane. Today, the crew were all onboard, and convinced that Simon and I hadn’t made the plane. They went as far as making contingency plans for the show, presuming we’d arrive late.
We were in fact safely onboard in row 4, so I’m not quite sure how they missed us. Their expressions were priceless in the baggage claim hall.
The delay meant that we arrived late, so the crew had their work cut out for them, to get the show set up in about 3 hours, compared to the usual 8… They pulled it off with aplomb.

A quick exit is planned after the show tonight. Everyone is quite tired, and we don’t really know anyone in Helsinki, so it seems like a good idea to get back to the hotel, and take advantage of the Radisson’s free movies.

More updates soon. We’ve been videoing a lot on this tour, so you might see some of that soon.

hope everyone is well. Is it snowing at home? Who won Celebrity Big Brother? Why wasn’t there a new episode of The Office this week?
all good questions, demanding answers.

tour manager neil. x