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Some strange little fiend is pretending to be Simon, on the Twitter website… Hello friends

Imagine our surprise, arriving in Copenhagen last week, to discover that some horrible little stalker, has decided to impersonate our Simon on Twitter.

Having sent this nasty fraudster a few messages, we were slightly dismayed to have him ‘block’ our messages, and continue with his twitterings, unabashed.

Funnily enough, its not the first time we’ve came across someone impersonating Simon, and whilst i’m sure it won’t be the last, its terribly terribly frustrating to see people be tricked. Worryingly, around 900 people are following him.

So… we’d really appreciate it, if you come across this @SimonNeilClyro character, to take a minute to send him a little message, letting him know you’re aware he’s a BAD MAN, and perhaps let anyone you know who might be unwittingly following him, that they’re following a Pied Piper.

Anyway. Excuse the brevity, time to go and enjoy Bilbao. Because we’re actually here. Unlike @SNC, who’s no doubt sitting in a darkened bedroom, surrounded by dubious soft furnishings, breathing heavily, and contemplating how best to erase his internet cache.

lots of love

tm neil.