One reasonably large weekend


Good afternoon, Great Britain.

it’s lovely to be back, we’ve missed you.

Good afternoon, Great Britain.

it’s lovely to be back, we’ve missed you.

After 5 weeks or so in Europe, we arrived back on UK soil late last night, hitting a 24 hour Tesco like a fucking whirlwind, immediately readjusting to our native land (or just South of our native land, at least..)

This is just a shorty… we’re enjoying the last of the sun as it sets on Preston, having hit Radio 1’s Big Weekend. The boys played a bit of a blinder… The tent was rammed, and people were smiling. Even the parents and children out for their day in the park seemed to get down.

Leading me neatly to an apology.

Mrs Fitzsimmons… I’d like to apologise for my language in these diary entries… every now and then it gets a bit blue, shall we say… usually the f-bomb (as evidended in the first sentence of this entry, in fact)… I’m glad you like the diary though… and you did well with Lou, truly lovely girl.x

So… tomorrow we start our UK tour, in the glorious beach-kissed province of Portsmouth (or Pompey as the local seem to call it…)

We’re incredibly excited. It’s been a long time coming… The timing is right… We are finally headlining a venue that has an adjoining SWIMMING POOL.

That’s right loves, an all-singing, all-dancing Swimming Pool. With flumes (do you call them flumes in england? imaginative waterslides, if not), with rapids, and of course, with a fucking wave machine in the main pool. Stay out of the deep end kids, as we plan to be there a while…

So, tales from the road will likely follow…

And possibly even diary entries from some of the band… James is a step closer with every passing day… The guilt will finally tip the scales one of these days, and he’ll get himself behind the keyboard and communicate some love…

until then..,