Next week…


Hello friends and lovers.

So here we are… in a few days, Saturday Superhouse is released, and it all starts again…

Hello friends and lovers.

So here we are… in a few days, Saturday Superhouse is released, and it all starts again…

I remember last time we were here, just before Glitter… was released, in August 2004… There was a brief bit of ‘whatthefuck’ when it hit 17 (I think) in the midweeks, then eventually charted at number 21. I think the label (Beggars) were more surprised than anyone… though they didn’t count on the world-moving Biffy street team (I’m not sure if I ever said it on this, but I pretty much attribute that chart position to the insanely hard work that lots of the street team put in at the time…)

Don’t get me wrong… it’d be great if it charted high, and we obviously want to encourage everyone to pick the single up, as it’s fucking great… wonderful a-side, fantastic b-sides, incredible artwork… But I think everyone is so content with the fact that the boys have done them, and those around them, so incredibly proud with this record, that the number it ends up charting at, isn’t that important comparitively.
But obviously, a top 20 wouldn’t offend anyone. 🙂

So, unlike before, we shan’t plead with you to rush out and pick up 10 copies of the record each.
I know that comes off as cheap marketing, and you’re all smart enough to know that.
Just enjoy the song and b-sides, and enjoy the first physical Biffy release in 2 years, as I’m sure you will.

Now, in other bits, In the spirit of it all starting again, I’ve been looking over the prospective touring schedule from now through til beyond the summer, and it’s fairly weighty… If you’re a biffy fan in the Uk or Europe (and perhaps further afield… 🙂 ) there’s a real good chance you’ll see the band over the summer… If you’re the girlfriend or boyfriend of any of the touring party, I can only apologise in advance.
You’ll have some more tourdates to get excited about in the next couple of weeks though… and I’m sure info on the odd show here and there might slip out before then.

So… next week… the instores…
The band are going to be doing full live sets in Glasgow, Manchester and London, which will be… loud.
They’ll probably hit around 6 or 7 songs, in case you were wondering.

I’ll try and post a few updates as we go along…
The fabled Biffycam will be back on the road with us, as well be filming the week, to use for something constructive… So look out for that, and be sure to look your best, as there’s every chance it’ll venture out to talk to some of you.
Speaking of fabled, I watched the ‘podcast’ video we did a year ago in Sheffield, which never made it online due to its massive file size, but we might make use of it for something.

We’ll also be looking for people who bring along weird shit to get signed… Not slipknot weird or anything, we’ve absolutely no room in the bus for dead animals, or anything involving formaldehyde, but if you’ve anything spectactularly random you want to get signed, lets make it happen…
Some ideas could include a car door, part of a space shuttle, your west highland terrier, an entire drumkit, a superhouse (bath and bristol only) or an oversized rubber chicken.

see you in the world of physical music commerce next week.x

PS. On the (slight) subject of incredible new music… the new yourcodenameis:milo album ‘they came from the sun’ is pretty incredible… it’s out in a few weeks I think.