G’day… again.


so we’re in Australia… its lovely here, and we’re only on the second show.

 so we’re in Australia… its lovely here, and we’re only on the second show.

Not much to say, other than a few of us visited an Aquarium in Melbourne, and Ned Kelly’s death mask looked frighteningly like Ben from the other side of the room… If we said any more, from previous experience, it might end up in a scottish newspaper.

We’ve caught up with friends, and been fantastically tipsy on Margaritas and Daiquiris. A few of us were sick. Naming no names, other than my own, of course. 

These will be the only shows, along with a small handful in Europe, before the band go to Los Angeles, to visit their old friend Garth, and introduce him to some of their new friends…

As I write, Simon is onstage with an acoustic guitar, singing about God, Satan, Miracles, and hearing both sides. New songs are flowing at the soundchecks, and its all sounding a bit special… Of course I’m slightly biased, but I’m also blessed with a fucking exceptional taste in music, so you know its to be trusted. Unlike some of the maniacs on an unofficial Biffy messageboard I was reading recently, who were talking up Jamie Foxx’s latest effort… I will take solace in the fact that there wasn’t a whole lot else that made sense, so it was probably a failed attempt at being subversive, except without using Girls Aloud as the token pop gesture… 🙂

more from our travels soon…

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