Tickets for all three nights of Biffy Clyro at Glasgow Barrowland have now sold out.

Tickets for all three nights of Biffy Clyro at Glasgow Barrowland have now sold out.

While many of you will be delighted to have bought tickets to see the band in December, we are also acutely aware that many of you will be very disappointed not to have been able to purchase tickets for the shows.

Due to unique fan-centric nature of these shows, we have done everything in our power, whilst planning these events, to try and manage this in an appropriate way, and to not treat these like our other shows. In some cases, this may have seemed slightly awkward, but we truly believe that this all contributed to ensuring the event was available to our fans, both first and foremost.

We have introduced names on tickets, limited the amount you can buy, checks on the door and offered TEAM BIFFY members* a larger percentage of pre-sale tickets compared to the general sale. All of this was in the hope that as well as prioritising our fans, we have reduced the chance that any of these tickets would make their way into the hands of touts. We teased the shows on the days prior, dropping small, timed hints that we thought might engage only the fans, without alerting the touts.

The Barrowland holds a special place in the bands heart and fits perfectly with the unique nature of the shows, sadly however it can’t hold everyone who we know would like to go to these shows.

We hope those that are disappointed today, understand and realize that we have done and will continue to do everything within our power to make sure there’s not a single tout outside any of the three nights, and that you can take some consolation knowing that hopefully every single ticket for this event, was purchased by a fellow fan of the band, in a fair manner.

If you see any tickets being sold via third party sites, please email us the link at and we will take care of it. We appreciate your help on this.

* – Please note the pre-sale was open to TEAM BIFFY members and on this occasion not the mailing list.