back, but away before you know it…


A quick report from the half-packed production office… So, we got home from Europe on Sunday, after what we think was a wonderful tour of Europe. Arguably the best yet, almost every show was sold out, and in Madrid, we think it might have been the loudest crowd the band have ever played to outside of Scotland…

We depart from our warm homes, and warmer loved ones on Tuesday morning, where we are off to Japan, via a quick stop at the NME Awards where the band are due to perform a song as part of the ceremony, with a special guest in tow. Its probably not the special guest you’d immediately guess at, but a special unexpected guest nonetheless.

And then to Japan, for about 5 days, during which time we take in a headline show in Tokyo, a radio show in Osaka, and, or so I predict, at least 3 instances of assorted band and crew members sacrificing the local action for the safety net of McDonalds and Starbucks.

From there, we’re on to the great American landmass, and a few weeks of dates with the Manchester Orchestra boys. Good times.

After that, in early April, it is hinted that we might have more than 8 days off… But merely hinted at. I’m sure that ‘powers’ that be will put paid to that, once they work out their agenda.
The first thing after that will be a handful of UK headline shows, in places we haven’t been to in a while (and for some reason, another show in London) which should be fun for all the family… I think the supports are locked now as well, which is cool. Considerably the heaviest support lineup in ages for the Biff.

I’ll leave you with that for now. I’ll check-in from Japan, i’m sure, likely with extreme jet lag.

tour manager neil.

ps. if any of you have heard the shadowy mutterings regarding a birthday celebration on st vincent street tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled.