A Celebration of Endings Live Performance FAQ


How long will the performance be?

The performance will be around 80 minutes.

When will I get the link to watch the show?

You will receive the link one hour before the stream starts. When you get the link, it’s probably a good idea to check you can view it ok on your device before the show starts. If your link doesn’t arrive, please check your Junk folder, but if you can’t find it or have any other questions about your booking then please contact customer support here.

What if the streaming link doesn’t work?

First of all, please check your internet connection. If that is fine, try clearing your cache, and ensure that your internet browser allows pop-up windows to automatically open. If problems persist, we suggest you try a different internet browser.

Nothing is happening, all I can see is a holding page?

The livestream does not start until the performance begins and a stream is pushed to the livestream event page. Assuming you have tried to view the livestream at the right time, then please sit tight and the show should start shortly.

What if I am late? Can I pause or rewind the stream?

If you are a little late joining the stream, don’t worry, you will be able to start it from the beginning for a limited time (30 minutes) after the performance starts, although this is subject to variation on the night, and you will be able to pause/rewind the show for up to 3 hours.

Will the performance be available on demand after the stream window? Will there be a DVD?

No – each show will only be available within the window of the live stream and short time afterwards (as stated above). There are no plans for a DVD.

What platform will it be shown on? Can I watch/cast to my TV?

The performance will be streamed on YouTube and will be available to cast to smart TV’s, Chromecasts, NowTV and other compatible casting devices via your laptop or mobile device via compatible browsers.

Find out how to cast on iOS (Apple) / Airplay by clicking here.

Fine out how to cast on Chromecast by clicking here.

Can I watch the show on Sunday in the UK?

Stream #4, timezoned for Australia/New Zealand/Asia, begins at 11am BST on Sunday morning so you can buy a ticket for that showing of the performance if you would prefer. Buy tickets for the streams here. If you would like to switch the stream you have purchased a ticket for, contact customer support by clicking here ahead of the Stream #1.

Can I access all the different regions’ streams with one ticket?

No, each stream has its own separate tickets and can only be used once.

For any other questions, please see our FAQs: https://uksupport.universe.com/