Prey Hey

Words by Simon Neil

Conducting All your merry men
Its fun until the pigs come in
The bomb will drop a quart till 2
I heard that at your trigger school

Traitors will be pawns to save (?)
We struck at your destructive ways
That’s what I heard at trigger school
And who I chose to slay…

A special target that believe’s in pirates
I know, I’m leaving. before the action is
We’ll draw the crowd. It was an accident

Friends can have a massive slaying
Number Numbers Casualties
Collect them in a sleeping bag
There still asleep and not half bad

(Ending Chant)

Come, Come, Don’t let me hurt you
Come, come, Don’t let me hurt you
Now run, hurt you now

Believe it when I say it
I won’t hurt you again

I promise I can prey hey
Prey hey prey, hey, prey

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