Cloud of Stink

Words by Simon Neil

Dance if you wanna dance, if you wanna sweat
Sweat if you wanna smell, go do it alone
Fuck if you wanna fuck, if you wanna cum
Sleep if you wanna sleep, talk more in the morn’

Look up to the sky, 
is it still good to feel alive?
Well I can dance on top of a hurricane
This combination will make its way round
Congratulations on marrying this clown

Swing if you wanna swing, hanging on a rope
Burn if you wanna burn, do it on your own
Cry if you wanna cry, acknowledge your heart
Wish if you wanna wish, the only way is up

Blame it on the world, visit them one and all
You have to comprehend what your heart says
There’s a black mould on my frazzled lungs, it whistles
My throat is gone, 
I’m still holding on but I don’t have long
No I don’t have long
‘Cause it goes on and on and on and on
It whistles, let go 

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