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Iffy Biro playing their hit single 'Sunday Superhouse' on the world tour in support of their 4th album 'Jigsaw'

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  1. 15.Dec.2010 @ 20:42 - Wayfarer wrote:

    great cover !

  2. 29.Sep.2009 @ 14:23 - RobMonstheBiffy wrote:

    haha, thts hilarious, loving James's hair, lol. great stuff!!

  3. 16.Sep.2009 @ 22:21 - JDaniel5 wrote:

    aint it.DAMN! :D nah its gd to have a biffy appreciation cover band.

  4. 16.Sep.2009 @ 17:50 - alli_m wrote:

    Yass! I was james! Glad you liked it, not my actual hair by the way!

  5. 15.Sep.2009 @ 14:13 - JDaniel5 wrote:

    well u know the cover band james.gd cover there.

  6. 15.Sep.2009 @ 14:10 - JDaniel5 wrote:

    james looks like a proper rocker lol. nice vid btw.

6 found
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