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Many of Horror (When We Collide)

The fourth single to be taken from Biffy’s latest album Only Revolutions, set to be released on January 18th.

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55 found

  1. 11.Jan.2012 @ 19:42 - johnnyhohandle wrote:

    I saw these guys in Ashville, NC several month ago. I have never heard of a Biffy Clyro! This little hippy & two other dudes came out on stage & damn near blew the doors out of the place. I now can't get their music out of my head. I've been to nearly 1000 shows & these guys rock with the best. Can't wait to see them again.

  2. 20.Dec.2010 @ 16:07 - cornishtart wrote:

    Fantastic ,wowee ! I'd never heard this before ,so thx to xfactor for that ;0) Love it totally !You give me goosebumps. x

  3. 14.Dec.2010 @ 14:31 - martinp2502 wrote:

    Get on Facebook. Almost 40000 have joined the get Biffy to No 1. Stuff Cowell!! Best publicity they'll ever get. http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=168472099855009&id=113266465409399#!/pages/Lets-Get-Biffy-Clyros-Many-of-Horror-to-Number-One-for-Christmas-2010/113266465409399

  4. 14.Dec.2010 @ 13:34 - bridielove wrote:

    amazing song, untill x factor took it. the only brilliant thing i can think about this decision is publicity for Biffy, but other than that, it's an amazing song that shouldn't have been covered, especially by someone from X factor, even if it is Matt. But still, bundles of love for Biffy :)

  5. 13.Dec.2010 @ 13:01 - skitty1458 wrote:

    oh dear,i am disapointed,biffy clyro are clearly an intersting and innovative rock band and yet on the cusp of being recognised for thier talent they sell out to of all things the x factor which most people would think to be the absolute antithesis of what they are abot,just makes no sense.i really hope the record company has screwed you over because if you did this freely then it's another nail in the coffin of real music .

  6. 13.Dec.2010 @ 09:55 - Dawn_1984 wrote:

    another good song that has now been runined because of bloody xfactor and i Love this song i am very disappointed xx

  7. 13.Dec.2010 @ 00:21 - maureencarey wrote:

    Are you kidding?? might be an oldie but I love music and until this evening had not heard this track - so bring it on, I absolutely love to hear new stuff - and for me this is new. Don't knock the exposure - brilliant. Grow up Finno, you sound like a real saddo....

  8. 12.Dec.2010 @ 21:21 - finno wrote:

    biffy would like to know what i think????? well, I''d like to know who gave permission this quality piece of music to x-factorised!!!! i hope to fuck your record company went over your heads and gave permission for cowell to fuck things up... please, please, please, don't tell me you guys sold your souls and musical integrity for a few extra dollars... please biffy, make some sort of announcment... your facebook page has hundreds of not so nice comments at the moment

  9. 04.Dec.2010 @ 17:14 - Paisleykel wrote:

    I just bought tickets to see you in Washington, DC. in Feb.....can't wait :)

  10. 04.Nov.2010 @ 17:55 - MegA_loLagE wrote:

    you guys are amazing! love u! your the only thing getting me thorugh life (and living with my sister!)! THANX! carys XXX

  11. 25.Sep.2010 @ 09:19 - Acid Queen wrote:

    Ur songs make my heart wanna pop!!!...The BEST band of all time!!! X

  12. 23.Sep.2010 @ 15:48 - puzzle13 wrote:

    wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wowowowowowowowowowowowowwoowwoowowowowwoowo

  13. 16.Sep.2010 @ 06:38 - BiffyyBeth_xo wrote:

    your music is simply 'WOW' Your songs cheer me up :') <3

  14. 31.Aug.2010 @ 17:37 - i am the sea wrote:

    i'm not normally one for cliche's, an after being fortunate enough to have been a kid when nirvana etc hit back in the 90's i didnt think i could still be so affected by a record/band, i guess if youre lucky that part of you always stays a kid. anyway, i went through the worst time of my life last year, i really felt that i had nothing left and just wasn't able to function really.............when nothing means anything to you anymore, you're screaming for something that you can connect to so you can feel something. i love this song, i love your band. thanks.

  15. 08.Aug.2010 @ 13:58 - BrendaKBourne wrote:

    This is such a beautiful song, yet sad at the same time ...... a mix of emotions, just like relationships are.....

55 found

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