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God & Satan

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  1. 15.Sep.2012 @ 18:17 - Hanbam wrote:

    Two years ago this was THE song which got me into Biffy, and since then you guys have been my inspiration. Please keep making amazing music like this, and I can't wait for your next album.

  2. 06.Jul.2011 @ 19:23 - josie22 wrote:

    I actually LOVE this song! It's amazing!

  3. 25.Mar.2011 @ 19:33 - Aimeeeee wrote:

    Absolutely love you Biffy Clyro! All three of you:) Simon, James+Ben

  4. 20.Feb.2011 @ 22:31 - honeygirl wrote:

    love this music video but when ben and james submerge from the water i cant help but laugh as they look like my dog after she's gone swimming.SORRY GUYS!

  5. 08.Feb.2011 @ 19:14 - kkswenson wrote:

    I am so excited you are doing a US tour!! Can't wait to see you Thursday night in DC!!! I am trying to convert some more US fans as well. Good luck on your tour and best wishes to you and your families. Your music is fantastic! Kristin

  6. 04.Jan.2011 @ 00:11 - marcus_harvey wrote:

    this is my favourite song it has been since i herd its just all round amazing i cant wait for sonisphere festival i hope they play it :)

  7. 03.Jan.2011 @ 17:41 - FreyaClyro09 wrote:

    Ahaa 2:41 definatly hot!! <3 hehe MON THE BIFF!

  8. 31.Dec.2010 @ 14:46 - Symphaura wrote:

    02:41 seriously hot !!!

  9. 31.Oct.2010 @ 09:14 - MegA_loLagE wrote:

    i want james's shoes cuz they are awesome

  10. 29.Sep.2010 @ 20:41 - spacecadet wrote:

    Beautiful. <3

  11. 23.Sep.2010 @ 15:28 - puzzle13 wrote:


  12. 19.Sep.2010 @ 14:33 - MegA_loLagE wrote:

    totally awsome

  13. 02.Sep.2010 @ 01:20 - julebug wrote:

    why cant we see this great video in austrian or german music tv (mtvde, gotv, i-music,yavidoo)? and when can i buy it in austria?love julebug

  14. 05.Aug.2010 @ 18:41 - nqxq wrote:

    JUST LOVELOVELOVE YOU#Yourpoetryinmusic, you are my lifefiremiracle, my God and holy sin. Anique

  15. 05.Aug.2010 @ 04:02 - SeanyPo wrote:

    I totally love the video. I have to admit, I chuckled a little when James and Ben popped up lol

18 found
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