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Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror (Live At Wembley)

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  1. 13.Jul.2011 @ 12:15 - GiO wrote:

    @benson2711 and @Stewie26 AND to the Fx and video production GUY: i received the Dvd yesterday and watch it! DECEPTION is the word. it seems that this video reflect the DvD: lots of slow-motion, burned image and stroboscopic faster than speed of your eye lick of images. the production is really annoying. MUSIC an performance: ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC as usual IMAGE: really beautiful BUT: to watch the entire Dvd is almost imossible and just put all energy of the band to nothing. Slow motion here and more here. Good in a single video clip but sure not for a Whome show! And I Love the Biff. This video is nice looking but unwatchable (unless you're under substance like the production guy i assume... did he check what he's done...!!!!

  2. 03.Jul.2011 @ 22:12 - Biffy_Clyro_<3 wrote:

    I Need A Job So I Can Get This DVD ):

  3. 07.Jun.2011 @ 10:04 - Stewie26 wrote:

    @Benson2711: I don't think that's how the DVD will be like. I think this is just a full song but they add the extra stuff for promotional purposes. I hope so, anyway. DVD's that are edited like this are really really annoying.

  4. 02.Jun.2011 @ 15:13 - BrotherDrink wrote:

    Ce n'est pas Many Of Horror mais Mountains. :)

  5. 30.May.2011 @ 12:08 - benson2711 wrote:

    Great performance but who ever has done the editing has royal bolloxed up. Why cut in footage that isn't of them playing that song or in fact any music during the video? weird

  6. 27.May.2011 @ 17:52 - kaseybunny27 wrote:

    Ace performance. I'd give an arm to have been there. Thank god I pre-ordered the box set!

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