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18 Sep 2018

St David's Hall St David's Hall - Cardiff

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  • Simply Perfect.

    from: GoreanWarrior - Uploaded on 19.09.2018

    I had been eagerly anticipating this gig for months and initially, I had thought I wouldn't be lucky. Trouble securing carers tickets and then the possibility of not being able to be sat together al added to the tension leading up to the evening and yet this had nothing to do with the band just a misunderstanding with the venue.

    St Davids Hall is a magical place, large enough to hold an atmosphere and yet small enough that wherever you are sat it still feels intimate. I had previously been fortunate enough to have been backstage here twice before for different concerts and, being Welsh I knew the venue well and knew the standard it could deliver.

    The stage was beautiful if that sounds cliche then so be it but to have the tree stripped of all the leaves seemed symbolic of an unplugged evening where they themselves would be stripped bare.

    Right from the moment they walked on stage you just knew this would be an evening to remember and with a set list that had obviously been well thought out to include favourites but also little-heard gems like The Rain meant we were given a real treat.

    Other than that it was the simple things, to see Ben in a slightly more upfront position which highlighted jsut how subtle he can be on the drums, the appearance of their accompanying musicians and the presence of a cello all culminated in creating a magical atmosphere.

    Being eight rows back was even better than I thought and although I'd have loved to have been just a bit closer so I could have grabbed a plectrum or the ubiquitous selfie I cannot thank them enough for another brilliant evening.


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