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15 Oct 2019

Q Awards Pre-Awards show @ Roundhouse Roundhouse - London

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  1. 31.Jul.2019 @ 10:43 - Hannahinglis wrote:

    Joined at about ten to 9 and was 1300 odd in the que, got all the way down to 1 and was re-directed to a page that said not found. I crossed everything off and was about to give up then i re-clicked on the email out of curiosity to see how far back in the que i would be and got through to tickets! Was asked to log into roundhouse but luckly i was a member (made an account last night) Seen them multiple times, so excited to be coming from scotland to see them in london! Roll on october :)

  2. 31.Jul.2019 @ 07:04 - bi9zee wrote:

    BigLeeBrink atr you kidding???!!!! £50 for a ticket in todays money is very reasonable to see a band like Biify C. Muse standing tickets were £175.00 each for the O2 in oct!

  3. 26.Jul.2019 @ 11:54 - BigLeeBrink wrote:

    It's quite disappointing that the tickets are so expensive. I saw Biffy around 10 years at the Roundhouse and it was at least half the price. I get inflation but £45 plus fees (in total it will probably be around £50) but it just seems a bit extortionate and excessive. It's a shame really.

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