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24 Mar 2017

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Vinyl Hard Rock Cafe - Las Vegas

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  • A trip worth every penny.

    from m4CK3R - Uploaded on 09.01.2017


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  1. 10.Jan.2017 @ 10:55 - FluffyEwok wrote:

    Gutted that i missed Biffy last year as i was saving for my big birthday celebration in Vegas.. And they only go and arrange a gig there for the same time we are away!! Best birthday present ever!!

  2. 09.Jan.2017 @ 17:15 - m4CK3R wrote:

    And maybe Toronto for that matter!!

  3. 09.Jan.2017 @ 16:33 - m4CK3R wrote:

    Can't afford to fly to Vegas this time. Please book a show or two in or around Detroit. Please!

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