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26 Feb 2013

E-Werk E-Werk - Cologne

Sold Out

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Team Biffy Photos From This Show

  • Cologne James & Mike

    from CKapaun - Uploaded on 16.04.2013

  • Cologne Simon & Ben

    from CKapaun - Uploaded on 16.04.2013

  • James E-Werk

    from CKapaun - Uploaded on 02.04.2013

  • Simon E-Werk 2

    from CKapaun - Uploaded on 02.04.2013

  • Simon E-Werk 1

    from CKapaun - Uploaded on 02.04.2013

  • crowd surfing

    from SaintJohn89 - Uploaded on 01.03.2013

  • Amazing Concert!!!

    from MoriOfHorror - Uploaded on 01.03.2013

  • Biffy

    from benneg - Uploaded on 28.02.2013

  • Simon

    from funkygfx - Uploaded on 27.02.2013


Team Biffy Videos from this show

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Team Biffy Reviews from this show

  • Cheers for getting us in !!!

    from: WeemanFaePatna - Uploaded on 03.03.2013

    Special thanks to Simon for getting us into the gig in Cologne.
    When I checked out the website the gig was already sold-out.
    Got on to my cousin, Jim Meek, from Ayr and asked if he could help .
    He flew across with Joyce, to Maastricht (where I live) and we went to gig together with my two daughters, Lorisa (19) and Clair. (who was 12 on the night !! )
    Fantastic concert and a special birthday for the wee yin.
    Mon the biff !!!


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