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17 May 2011

BOK Center BOK Center - Tulsa

Supporting Foo Fighters

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    from TristanG - Uploaded on 08.01.2012


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  1. 25.Apr.2011 @ 18:52 - Roostr420 wrote:

    Seen them open up for "Cage the elephant " and was blow away, I had heard a song or two on some music channels on T.V. since our local stations are not too up to pare with other big city stations. and liked there stuff, but it wasnt until i saw them live that I found there website and heard there older stuff, ALL of it is GREAT. I cant believe they are so big over seas and I am now just really getting into there stuff. The live show was great, I was prob fortunate to see them in a smaller bar setting with maybe crowd of 300 plus, and it was sold out so was up close to the bands. They are GREAT LIVE BAND! Now I get the chance to see them open for Foo Fighters, another all time great band I love and not yet seen live, I cant wait...plus I am scottish, rRed Hair and all and live in the country of the woods of Arkansas, so your music has reached far and wide, I jam out the the biff while fishing in the creek drinking a beer and smokin a doob....makers me smile and the world will be ok MON THA BIFF!!!!!!

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