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25 Sep 2018

Bataclan Bataclan - Paris

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  1. 24.Sep.2018 @ 12:41 - Viktoria wrote:

    Me and 2 friends live in the UK. We have bought tickets on viagogo to see our favourite band. Rumours are now circulating that if tickets do not have our name on we will be refused entry. Do we travel to France in hope that our tickets we paid for will be accepted? And possibly spend more money travelling to not be allowed in ?. Any information or help would be really appreciated as out flights are first thing in the morning.

  2. 26.Jul.2018 @ 16:15 - charl328 wrote:

    Hi Biffy

    i purchased tickets via viagogo before the announcement of having ID to match the ticket. i paid face value however i am now worried i will not be allowed entry as my name isnt on the tickets. viagogo refuse to change the name and will only give me a refund if i am refused entry. i do not want to pay for travel and accomadation if i will miss the show! please help me out as viagogo are really really useless!

2 found
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