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Thu 28 Oct 2010 | Views: 23270 | Comments: 45
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As we build up to Biffy’s UK Arena tour, which is set to kick off in less than a month, we are delighted to announce the beginning of a search for young skilled photographers who will get the chance to jump into the photographer’s pit and take photos of Biffy Clyro at one of the upcoming shows.

BiffyClyro.com would like to give this opportunity to amateur photographers, who don’t generally get a chance to shoot bands at such a large venue, whilst also showcasing their talent and maybe even use it as a springboard to a new career.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who has entered, entry is now closed and we will now be whittling down the hundreds of entries to find out 8 photographers. Chosen applicants will be informed on Friday 19th November.

We will choose one person for each show of the tour, with photographs from each of the tour photographers then appearing on BiffyClyro.com and publicised to Biffy fans around the world.


Comments (45)

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45 found

  1. 29.Nov.2010 @ 13:53 - Hyndee99 wrote:

    Can we have a list of winners please? Still gutted I didn't win! :-(

  2. 23.Nov.2010 @ 20:49 - Em_Rocker wrote:

    Not heard anything yet. Congrats to those who've won :)

  3. 19.Nov.2010 @ 23:24 - smurff wrote:

    It´s nice to hear that someone has already made a happy. But if it is not a secret, how they were contacted? Whether they called or sent mail and who is to accurately convey, Simon? :D

  4. 19.Nov.2010 @ 21:43 - MP wrote:

    I've been contacted and have been invited to do a show.

  5. 19.Nov.2010 @ 19:08 - Hyndee99 wrote:

    Not heard anything :-( at least I got a pic published on BBC Scotland website to make up for it :-) well done to the lucky eight!!

  6. 19.Nov.2010 @ 18:23 - Paperfriend wrote:

    Nope, not heard anything!

  7. 19.Nov.2010 @ 17:00 - photogee13 wrote:

    im still waiting to hear from them! has anyone found out yet????

  8. 19.Nov.2010 @ 16:11 - FuzzyD wrote:

    Anyone heard anything yet?

  9. 19.Nov.2010 @ 10:53 - smurff wrote:

    Today is the last chance t get a positive response to photographers searches. I have not yet received a letter but however, I hope that I am one among the eight :)

  10. 19.Nov.2010 @ 09:00 - psylocke24 wrote:

    Lucky for those who has entries. I am hoping that they will give another chance for us who did make it before the entry closed.

  11. 19.Nov.2010 @ 08:33 - FuzzyD wrote:

    I just noticed some comments on here talking about a 'thank you for entering' email - I didn't get one of those... I sent in my entry when the comp first cam out... does that mean it wont have registered for some reason? I will be so gutted if I git the entry in on time but for whatever reason it didn't get to them... :-( Oh Well!! Whoever gets it - make sure you have an amazing time and bring back some awesome pics for us all!!

  12. 17.Nov.2010 @ 22:54 - ofirabe wrote:

    also missed it. i would come all the way from abroad to do this. if anything goes bad.. check me out: www.ofirabe.darkfolio.com peace

  13. 17.Nov.2010 @ 18:07 - xgmc17 wrote:

    i might cry, missed an amazing chance :(

  14. 15.Nov.2010 @ 22:55 - lynchce wrote:

    Nooooooooooooooooooo I missed it.. logged in especially! Great idea for a competition though and will be bringing my camera to Edinburgh for sure!! Best of luck to the winner :)

  15. 15.Nov.2010 @ 21:36 - Biffyfanyes wrote:

    Thank god...Entry Sent!!

45 found


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