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Wed 21 Jul 2010 | Views: 24108 | Comments: 25
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If you missed the Channel 4 premier of the video for forthcoming single 'God and Satan' on Monday night, you can now see it right here at BiffyClyro,com.

The pagan themed promo for the track was recently filmed over a day and night in Suffolk with acclaimed director Corin Hardy, who has also worked with The Prodigy, Rumble Strips and The Horrors.

God and Satan will be released in the UK on 23rd August and is taken from the Mercury Prize nominated album 'Only Revolution' which is out in the shops now and can be download from iTunes here or from BiffyClyro.com here.

You can also watch the ‘Making of..’ video of 'God and Satan' now via the TEAM BIFFY members area by clicking here.

Comments (25)

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  1. 02.Jan.2011 @ 10:40 - talons wrote:

    The video to God and Satan was actually filmed over a day and night near East Hoathly in East Sussex, not Suffolk. I know this because I know one of the extras who was in it. Looks fab though as it looks like it could have been filmed inn America somewhere. Brilliant song

  2. 29.Jul.2010 @ 12:22 - chaysmum wrote:

    Love it, love it, love it!!!!

  3. 29.Jul.2010 @ 01:41 - rachelj_95 wrote:


  4. 27.Jul.2010 @ 11:01 - healeyscotland wrote:

    Absolutely fantastic loved it!!! cant wait to see more of the guys soon XXx

  5. 25.Jul.2010 @ 18:27 - beuxartist wrote:

    awsome videoclip! Loved it!

  6. 24.Jul.2010 @ 17:59 - Marmaduke2293 wrote:

    Love The Extra Strings In The Video Version Of This Song!!!

  7. 22.Jul.2010 @ 20:49 - fanackapans wrote:

    How was the water? Chuffin cold I bet xx

  8. 22.Jul.2010 @ 18:34 - Hollyheart wrote:

    Puppets kinda freak me out, otherwise like the facepaints x

  9. 22.Jul.2010 @ 00:18 - Fergzo wrote:

    Majestically beautiful. My favorite song by far!

  10. 21.Jul.2010 @ 22:27 - aimee mac wrote:

    awesome Video xxx

  11. 21.Jul.2010 @ 20:52 - raprock36 wrote:

    brilliant video. i want to see them live but it either these or 30 seconds the night after who shall it be

  12. 21.Jul.2010 @ 18:18 - 08mystery08 wrote:

    sexy face paint guys ;) love the video too :D

  13. 21.Jul.2010 @ 17:36 - sladey wrote:

    sorry...but this video sucks...big time. I love the tune...its one of the first i learnt to play off the album. but this vid is a mare

  14. 21.Jul.2010 @ 17:18 - bazzaread wrote:

    Brilliant song as usual !! God (& Satan) knows what the video means !! MON THE BIFF !!

  15. 21.Jul.2010 @ 16:11 - ravyn wrote:

    Love it! MON THE BIFF! :)

25 found
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