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Mon 22 Oct 2012 | Views: 67498 | Comments: 65
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Biffy Clyro will return to the live stage in 2013 with their largest ever UK & Ireland tour. 

The shows announced for March and April will give English, Scottish, Welsh & Irish fans the first chance to see the band perform live following the release of the eagerly awaited forthcoming new album 'Opposites', which is set to be unleashed early 2013.

Tickets for the shows go on sale on Friday 26th October at 9am via livenation.co.uk, Gigsandtours.com, Gigsinscotland.co.uk and ticketmaster.co.uk, however you can access an exclusive pre-sale from Wednesday 24th October by signing up to TEAM BIFFY now by clicking here

The full list of shows are:

Wed 20th Mar – Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle
Thu 21st Mar – LG Arena, Birmingham
Fri 22nd Mar – Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Sat 23rd Mar – Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield
Mon 25th Mar – MEN Arena, Manchester
Tue 26th Mar – BIC Arena, Bournemouth
Thur 28th Mar – O2 Arena, Dublin
Fri 29th Mar – Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Sun 31st Mar – AECC, Aberdeen
Mon 1st Apr – SECC, Glasgow
Wed 3rd Apr – O2 Arena, London

Comments (65)

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65 found

  1. 24.Oct.2012 @ 14:02 - g675 wrote:

    Yip. Same problem. From 9am right through it just kept telling me the password was incorrect and booted me to the back of the queue. Password was not wrong and pretty pissed off at the moment.

  2. 24.Oct.2012 @ 13:54 - nurseystef wrote:

    Rubbish! Waited in a long queue and then finally got through. Attempted to buy tickets for either Glasgow or Dublin and was unable to, despite entering the correct password. Kept going in a loop saying - password required!! Very frustrating! Did anybody else have a similar problem? x

  3. 24.Oct.2012 @ 13:30 - Keshowell wrote:

    Wow! Top marks to Crowdsurge.com for their organisation in promoting/selling these tickets! I have dealt with other promo companies before and these have got it 100% right in my book! Even thought I did crash out a couple of times due to demand/time out... the way it has been managed is fairly IMO !! Well done Mon and the fella's!! So, saw you at Milton Keynes supporting Foo's... saw you in Swindon earlier this year.. and now BIC!! Excited much??!! Fanbloomintastic :-)

  4. 24.Oct.2012 @ 13:25 - SlinksFTW wrote:

    Tried to get standing tickets for the SECC show. Gone. Wow. Fingers crossed for Friday.

  5. 24.Oct.2012 @ 13:06 - Nature-geek wrote:

    There isnt an option to buy seated tickets for the Dublin show :( And i can't stand for medical reasons :/ Guess i will Have to wait till friday and pray i can get them

  6. 24.Oct.2012 @ 12:35 - tabbyclouds wrote:

    Yes I did - did get some eventually, but the first lot I was given were in block 101 right next to the stage - awesome!! Then I clicked purchase and it chucked me back in queue for over half an hour and I got block 110. My daughter is still really chuffed we are going but to be honest I'm a bit miffed :( Thing is, it only seemed to be blocks 110 and 101 available. So I will be a bit disappointed if gigs and tours pre-sale tomorrow is better tickets than block 110 :( Still - Mon the Biff - I'm sure it will be an awesome show :)

  7. 24.Oct.2012 @ 12:02 - thefedrules wrote:

    Did anyone else have major issues trying to buy pre-sale tickets???? I got through really quickly but 4 times this morning it let me select tickets and when I clicked the 'buy' button it gave me an empty cart and put me back in the queue so I never got any. What's going on?

  8. 24.Oct.2012 @ 11:28 - fozzymk1 wrote:

    How the Hell do u buy the preorder tickets!

  9. 24.Oct.2012 @ 11:03 - kaylz86 wrote:

    28.50 Each but the n you need to add booking fee which is 2.85 i think.... @gingerkittie22

  10. 23.Oct.2012 @ 21:47 - gingerkittie22 wrote:

    does anyone know the price of tickects to the lg arena, birmingham in march?

  11. 23.Oct.2012 @ 20:50 - ruskie13 wrote:

    Ah awesomee, thanks angkaz! :)

  12. 23.Oct.2012 @ 19:44 - biffy'sgirl wrote:

    anyone know how much metro arena newcastle are charging?

  13. 23.Oct.2012 @ 19:41 - biffy'sgirl wrote:

    pre sale 4 tickets per person

  14. 23.Oct.2012 @ 19:30 - angkaz wrote:

    London O2 is £35 including fees .

  15. 23.Oct.2012 @ 18:54 - ruskie13 wrote:

    Does anybody know what sort of price the tickets will be for the O2 in London?

65 found


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