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Thank you so much everybody!!

Sun 03 Feb 2013 | Views: 8625 | Comments: 17
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It means more than you'll ever know! Lots of love to all in the biffy family!x

Comments (17)

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  1. 27.Feb.2013 @ 01:20 - JessD wrote:

    It is simple, I only listen to it since I bought it! this is a really good album, the sound is powerful, the great riffs and lyrics, real poetry! Especially not change anything!!

  2. 17.Feb.2013 @ 08:22 - DANY1961 wrote:

    Opposites!! Masterpiece!! thanks for giving us this pleasure

  3. 12.Feb.2013 @ 01:21 - gcanales wrote:

    Finally!!! Today, after some problems with the customs house, I got the deluxe version of Opposites. I think it's an outstanding work and thank you so much for the heart you put on every song. I'm sure it was not easy to realize. I hope someday you could do a South American Tour and come to Chile, so we have the chance to see you alive. MON THE BIFF !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!

  4. 07.Feb.2013 @ 02:40 - colindaly wrote:

    well done lads.....crackin album,but you know this!!! hard to pick a favourite chune,changes with each listen.... today its trumpet or tap,may very well be spanish radio again tomorrow. cant wait for the shows in march in dublin and belfast the night after....il see you at both. much much much love for the biff!!!!

  5. 06.Feb.2013 @ 19:01 - mbezzie wrote:

    its such an amazing album , THANK YOU !!!!!

  6. 06.Feb.2013 @ 12:36 - mknightwhidd wrote:

    Sounds like balloons has made my life. If it's part of your set at Reading I'll be on a friends shoulders singing my heart out. Thank you for blessing us with a perfect album

  7. 04.Feb.2013 @ 22:20 - tomandmicki69 wrote:

    Congratulations guys!!! You so much deserve this. Absolutely love the new album. My favourites are Victory over the sun, the joke is on us and accident without emergency. Also really like trumpet or tap which is so different from what you normaly do. Cant wait to see you in Brussels, Berlin, Sheffield and London. You re the best. Love you loads xxxx

  8. 04.Feb.2013 @ 21:27 - Dandyman wrote:

    Don't need to thank us, we should be thanking you for making such an amazing album :) Thanks guys :)

  9. 04.Feb.2013 @ 20:23 - Martinehob wrote:

    You don't need to thank us! You've made the most perfect record ever! We'll always have your back! Can't wait to see you soon! Love you so very much, you mean more to me than you think! x

  10. 04.Feb.2013 @ 15:17 - NIXTER wrote:

    Well theres no thanks needed, you done it all by yourselves by making an amazingly beautiful album! Well done boys you deserve everything!
    Cannot wait til April to see you again :) xxx

  11. 04.Feb.2013 @ 12:00 - rachel79 wrote:

    It really is about time, and very well-deserved. Awesome album - just wish I could be around in March for the gigs! Love the biff!

  12. 04.Feb.2013 @ 10:34 - mcaatuck wrote:

    Well done guys- best band on the planet!

  13. 04.Feb.2013 @ 05:08 - kingsakoil wrote:

    Congratulations Guys....well deserved...time to get America to take notice!!!

  14. 03.Feb.2013 @ 23:55 - Lw0103 wrote:

    So happy for you guys - as I said on Facebook, who'd have thought that weird band I listened to all those years ago singing about bing 'in a bucket of pee' would become a household name :)

  15. 03.Feb.2013 @ 23:39 - tightropehigh wrote:

    It's well overdue, but what an album for it to finally happen for you! Thank you for giving us Opposites

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