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Tue 18 Sep 2012 | Views: 35659 | Comments: 20
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The new Biffy Clyro album 'Opposites' is finally available to pre-order in the UK and across Europe NOW!

The double album, available on CD/DVD, Download and Limited Edition Boxset, features 20 new tracks across two discs and includes 'Stingin' Belle', Victory Over The Sun and Modern Magic Formula – all of which featured in the recent summer live shows. 

If you pre-order the album on iTunes now you will also gain instant access to new track Stingin' Belle (UK only).

The CD/DVD format will include both discs from the album, 'The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones' and 'The Land At The End of Our Toes', as well as a feature length 'Making of the Album' documentary recorded over the last five months in LA.

Alongside that, the Limited Edition Boxset will also include:

  • Double album on 2 separate 12” Heavyweight Vinyl discs housed in individual spined sleeves with artworked inners
  • A5 songbook feat. Handwritten lyrics and exclusive photos from the album recording sessions in the studio.
  • Guitar tab sheets.
  • An exclusive 'Play Along' CD with instrumental parts removed so you can jam with Biffy
  • And Super 8 film cells cut from the original film stock the band used to make the documentary!

This is a strictly limited edition collectors set – order your copy whilst you still can!

Pre-Order Opposites Now at opposites.biffyclyro.com

Comments (20)

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  1. 04.Oct.2012 @ 10:09 - jayjay23 wrote:

    Just ordered it :D very excited but now have to wait until January :/

  2. 22.Sep.2012 @ 22:56 - Loopylisa wrote:

    just bin watching the Itunes festival... fan bloody tastic! Just wished i could've been there but random ticket selection was not me :( Simon looks super sexy with his short back n sides! Great mix of tracks new and old and plenty Vertigo of Bliss tracks... bonus! The more i hear the new tracks the more i wish it was past christmas and I was holdin m copy of Opposites! Really looking forward to more live gigs in the New Year..... oh and the stage effects etc was bril..... . Kinda liked the Itunes filming too with plenty of real close ups! Mon the Biff x

  3. 19.Sep.2012 @ 10:43 - agita wrote:

    ... i wish you all the best siggy1o :), there is light of love in you, it doesn t count money, it gives the last you have or havent at all to everyone you love and support, however difficult that could be,get rich and enjoy fucking great music of these cordial, lovely, great decisive men Simon ! Ben ! James !

  4. 19.Sep.2012 @ 04:42 - jebz wrote:

    jezebelseven, I owe you a beer. That fixed the problem. :) Thanks so much.

  5. 19.Sep.2012 @ 04:27 - siggy10 wrote:

    I'm a huge Biffy Clyro fan, I have been for many years (in fact the first gig I went to was a Biffy show). I also live in Australia so it's not so accessible to get some of the great products and costs us a lot more than the majority of fans. I happily pay that money and have purchased all previous box sets, Cd's, Merch, tickets to gigs etc... because I just love the band. I don't have a great amount of money but I love to support my favourite band. I have several Biffy tattoo's as well and the band's music means a lot to me. The cost for the new Boxset is approx $130.00 including shipping costs to my house, with no other delivery option. As these are limited edition, some of us big fans will miss out because of the extortionate costs. It feels really unfair that the prices happen to be so much higher for us (we are happy to pay more as the delivery costs more and is more difficult to arrange) but it's so disappointing. This is my favourite band, a band that went out of their way to contact me after a show because I wanted to get my piece of blue flag signed. I'm sure it's not the band's choice in any way, shape or form, but it's sad for us fans over the other side of the world.

  6. 19.Sep.2012 @ 03:29 - agita wrote:

    . . . O P P O S I T E S . . IS ON THE WAY . . . . . . . WELCOME THE MASTERPIECE . . . ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 19.Sep.2012 @ 01:13 - jezebelseven wrote:

    Some of the US fans have found that the "payment configuration" error might be due to changing the website to something besides Euros-- start your transaction over and keep it in euros and it might work? Very frustrating, though. Relieved to finally get mine in!

  8. 19.Sep.2012 @ 00:51 - jebz wrote:

    Couldn't purchase in Australia, got a payment configuration error on the website :(

  9. 18.Sep.2012 @ 22:38 - andrewgibb wrote:

    Jimbo better be happy that 50 was well spent cannot wait for january x

  10. 18.Sep.2012 @ 22:28 - Christian827 wrote:

    I couldn't even enter what payment option. I guess I lose out this time

  11. 18.Sep.2012 @ 22:20 - SofiaC wrote:

    Is there a chance that we'll be able to pre-order in international iTunes stores? The pre-order isn't available in Mexico (or, I'm assuming, in many other countries outside the UK)

  12. 18.Sep.2012 @ 22:09 - jezebelseven wrote:

    Bubbles!: Me too. "Configuration problem, please choose another payment method.". Maybe because it's a $ USD funded card and it's trying to charge an amount in euros? Tried paypal too and it was a no go as well. That combined with the outrageous shipping to the US is making me really disappointed at this point :(

  13. 18.Sep.2012 @ 21:41 - LondonTom wrote:

    No song right now for those of us shelling on an admittedly great bixset? :P

  14. 18.Sep.2012 @ 21:30 - Hollyheart wrote:

    not sure if I like artwork but none the less excited!!

  15. 18.Sep.2012 @ 21:03 - Bubbles! wrote:

    Is it not available for pre-order in the US? Trying to get the box-set and the website is not working with me :(

20 found
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