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Mon 26 Jul 2010 | Views: 7674 | Comments: 3
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Biffy Clyro's new single 'God & Satan' is now available to pre-order now. The single, which will be released on 23rd August, will be backed by three new b-sides 'Hawkwind', ''10 Bodies' and '51 Trumpets' across three physical formats, as well as to download.

You can pre-order the single in bundle form, including CD and 2 7" Vinyl's by clicking here. The track is also available to pre-order from iTunes here

The full track listings for the single are:

God & Satan / Hawkwind
7" Vinyl
God & Satan / 10 Bodies
7" Vinyl (Coloured Vinyl)
God & Satan / 51 Trumpets

If you haven't already seen the video for 'God & Satan' you can watch it here on Biffy's official Youtube channel.

Comments (3)

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  1. 03.Aug.2010 @ 17:24 - HelpMyDadsAhippy wrote:

    ditto. love probably in your pocket, hope it come out on next single! MON THE B-SIDES! :L

  2. 27.Jul.2010 @ 17:14 - bonavida wrote:

    I thought that too!! We want "I'm probably in your pocket" as a b-side!!!!! Snif,,, Hope next time!

  3. 26.Jul.2010 @ 16:31 - I'm-Behind-You wrote:

    Where's "I'm Probably in Your Pocket"? I thought it would be on this single... But other than that, cool.

3 found
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