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Tue 18 Sep 2012 | Views: 21918 | Comments: 7
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After five months of recording in an LA studio with GGGarth Richardson, Biffy Clyro have finally finished their new double album 'Opposites' and are set to unleash it into the world in January 2013. 

The album will include 20 tracks across two discs titled 'The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones' & 'The Land At The End Of Our Toes' and will be released on January 28th in the UK, France, Denmark, Norway & Finland,  January 25th in Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium & Switzerland and on January 29th in Italy and Spain. 

The release dates for Australia, Japan, North and South America will be announced shortly along with pre-order details. 

The track listing for the double album is listed below and you can pre-order 'Opposites' now in the UK & Europe at opposites.biffyclyro.com.

The Sand At The Core Of Our Bones

1. Stingin' Belle
2. Sounds Like Balloons
3. Biblical
4. The Joke's On Us
5. Black Chandelier
6. A Girl And His Cat
7. Opposite
8. The Fog
9. Little Hospitals
10.The Thaw 

The Land At The End Of Our Toes

1. Different People
2. Modern Magic Formula
3. Spanish Radio
4. Victory Over The Sun
6. Trumpet Or Tap
7. Skylight
8. Accident Without Emergency
9. Woo Woo
10. Picture A Knife Fight

Comments (7)

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  1. 25.Sep.2012 @ 15:09 - rodafi wrote:

    Any chance of a fan based art competition for the album cover? Would be an awesome comp!

  2. 18.Sep.2012 @ 22:29 - Financespod wrote:

    Play-along-a-biffy Box set result but why so long :-(

  3. 18.Sep.2012 @ 22:15 - crusher wrote:

    box set well worth buying for all the swag you get

  4. 18.Sep.2012 @ 21:04 - olorensj wrote:

    Oops, meant to comment that on the boxset article, haha

  5. 18.Sep.2012 @ 20:36 - olorensj wrote:

    That is an absolute steal, I love you Biffy Let's hope the songs are good, eh!

  6. 18.Sep.2012 @ 19:45 - abiffymiller wrote:

    Guitar tab and backing track CD!!!!!

  7. 18.Sep.2012 @ 19:03 - RafaelSquizzato wrote:

    Wait until January, Oooohhhh Looorrrrrd!!!!! I hope it comes in vynil without the box set too. MON THE BIFFY

7 found
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