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Mon 28 Jan 2013 | Views: 4356 | Comments: 2
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Biffy Clyro's brand new album Opposites featuring the tracks Black Chandelier and Stingin' Belle is out now.

The album was recorded in California with long-time producer Garth Richardsion over a course of 5 months in 2012 and features 20 tracks over two discs.

You can order the deluxe version of the album featuring the ‘Making of…’ on CD/DVD via Amazon, Play, Biffy Store and to download from iTunes and on vinyl from the Biffy Store and Amazon.

A standard version of the album featuring 14 tracks is also available on CD via Amazon and Play and to download at iTunes, Amazon, Play and 7digital.

Comments (2)

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  1. 29.Jan.2013 @ 17:43 - Maggsy321 wrote:

    In response to gregayres1: The running order for you is the correct order, iTunes had it wrong.
    My CD edition came yesterday and it starts Different People, Black Chandelier, Sounds Like Balloons.

    Also, it's bloody awesome, so everybody should buy it!

  2. 29.Jan.2013 @ 17:10 - gregayres1 wrote:

    I'm a bit confused by what the actual running order of the album is. I got the deluxe one from iTunes which seems to have the same running order as the one on Google Music, but that seems to be different to the one on this site and Amazon for the CDs.

    Mine starts Different People, Black Chandelier, Sounds Like Balloons.

    Anyone know if this is right? Was there a late change or is iTunes wrong?

2 found
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