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Thu 18 Apr 2013 | Views: 38572 | Comments: 36
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Biffy Clyro have today been forced to cut short their North American tour and return to the UK immediately; Simon Neil has been struggling with a serious respiratory problem on the shows, including two nights supporting Muse at Madison Square Garden on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and was advised by doctors that he was endangering his long term health if he chose to continue performing on this run. Thus, further dates with Muse across the US and Canada, plus a second weekend performance at the Coachella Festival this coming Saturday, have now been cancelled.

The band wish to express how sorry they are that they aren't able to carry out the full run of shows, and hope to confirm a new run of North American shows shortly. All UK and European dates this Summer should, however, remain unaffected.

Comments (36)

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36 found

  1. 19.Apr.2013 @ 08:12 - ciaraking wrote:

    Get well soon Simon!!
    Lots of Love from the King house-hold! Xxxxx

  2. 19.Apr.2013 @ 07:59 - NIXTER wrote:

    Thinking of you guys knowing what these gigs mean to you!!!

    Wishing our Simon a speedy recovery - time to chill, rest up and come back more amazing than ever!!!

    Take care of yourselves, big love xxx

  3. 19.Apr.2013 @ 03:51 - sfluz wrote:

    Please get well soon Simon! Much love from Brazil!!

  4. 19.Apr.2013 @ 01:55 - takemetoaconcert wrote:

    Get well soon Simon!! Fingers crossed for you! x

  5. 19.Apr.2013 @ 01:08 - hellomotoe wrote:

    Hope you're back to fighting form soon! Mon the Biff!

  6. 18.Apr.2013 @ 22:19 - chelseamorgan wrote:

    Oh no!!!! Take it easy Simon, rest up and come back to North America soon :)

  7. 18.Apr.2013 @ 22:09 - tomandmicki69 wrote:

    So so sorry to hear your so poorly. Hope you get better very soon. Lots of love and best wishes xxxxx

  8. 18.Apr.2013 @ 22:05 - iBelieve wrote:

    Hope you feel better soon Simon! Have a bit of peace for a while, take care guys x

  9. 18.Apr.2013 @ 21:35 - Steph589 wrote:

    Hope Simon'll get well soon! Take care, all of you xx

  10. 18.Apr.2013 @ 20:39 - monthe wrote:

    Get well soon Si, sounds like a hot toddy is in order!! big love from Scotland Xx

  11. 18.Apr.2013 @ 19:56 - Lisaparrin wrote:

    Oh no! Wishing you better very soon xx

  12. 18.Apr.2013 @ 19:32 - spiral6static wrote:

    I hope you'll get back on your feet very soon, Simon ! Take good care of yourself.

  13. 18.Apr.2013 @ 19:31 - schrraw wrote:

    NNOOOOOOOO!!! I was SO MUCH looking forward to see you guys in Montreal in Quebec City!!
    Take very good care of you, Simon. Hope you heal soon, and we'll be there when you come back to visit us! :)

  14. 18.Apr.2013 @ 18:50 - foxx wrote:

    Get well soon honey! I know you'll be okay. Just rest your amazing self and I promise you'll be fine! Take care guys X

  15. 18.Apr.2013 @ 18:44 - Martinehob wrote:

    Get well soon, Simon! Can't wait to see you guys soon again! And don't worry, you're still the greatest band that've ever existed, and I am sure everyone understands that you have to do this. Take care of yourselves now! x

36 found


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