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Thu 18 Apr 2013 | Views: 38866 | Comments: 36
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Biffy Clyro have today been forced to cut short their North American tour and return to the UK immediately; Simon Neil has been struggling with a serious respiratory problem on the shows, including two nights supporting Muse at Madison Square Garden on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and was advised by doctors that he was endangering his long term health if he chose to continue performing on this run. Thus, further dates with Muse across the US and Canada, plus a second weekend performance at the Coachella Festival this coming Saturday, have now been cancelled.

The band wish to express how sorry they are that they aren't able to carry out the full run of shows, and hope to confirm a new run of North American shows shortly. All UK and European dates this Summer should, however, remain unaffected.

Comments (36)

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36 found

  1. 30.Apr.2013 @ 20:33 - madcowjo wrote:

    Bless you, hope you are all better soon Simon, you've been working too hard. And I very selfishly but sincerely hope you are fully recovered for Amsterdam Arena on 4th June!

  2. 23.Apr.2013 @ 23:14 - duff73 wrote:

    Okay here we go... first of all get well soon, these things happen.

    I have to add that my wife and I are currently having a holiday in the USA (from Australia where we now live) and part of this trip was to go to Coachella weekend 2 - especially to see you guys play - so we were pretty gutted when I received a message from a friend telling me the news you weren't playing, especially as you'd be doing a signing at the festival.

    However Sigur Ros definitely made up for your absence. Coachella was excellent but the dust will be in our nostrils for a while yet.

    And so - and please feel pity - because we no longer live in the UK, I guess we won't be getting the opportunity to see Biffy play live this year unless you guys are planning to play in Australia much later on this year.

    Neil, a response to this would be greatly appreciated on as to whether another Australian Tour is planned.

    All the best for the summer festivals.


  3. 23.Apr.2013 @ 20:28 - Husqvixen wrote:

    First off, get well Simon.

    Secondly, for those fans who bought tickets to the Montreal show, just to see Biffy, what happens- discount on another show in the area? I am not interested in seeing Muse.

    Biffy rocks!

  4. 22.Apr.2013 @ 20:21 - vickilaugharne wrote:

    Get well soon Simon xxx

  5. 22.Apr.2013 @ 11:11 - BeautifulLie wrote:

    Hope you get better soon Simon, just enjoy some relaxation time with your beautiful wife. We all wish you well and I can't wait for Reading. You've been through enough, sending love to you and Francesca xx

  6. 21.Apr.2013 @ 21:42 - NIXTER wrote:

    Hoping Si is getting better - could do with an update lads!!! xx

  7. 21.Apr.2013 @ 21:29 - Thewoollyhippo wrote:

    I really really hope you get better soon Simon! Rest as much as you can and I will hopefully be seeing you in the summer at Leeds :) you poor guy :( you've been through so much and you don't deserve this at all :( GET WELL SOON!!!!! Xxxx

  8. 21.Apr.2013 @ 20:31 - bubster wrote:

    Get well soon Simon, I took my 11 year old to see you in Cardiff and you guys were amazin..got 5 year old twins who love Biffy and know all the tracks as well! They'll be gutted youre not well! Take care fella xxx

  9. 21.Apr.2013 @ 12:59 - RuBrown55 wrote:

    Simon, get well soon! Make sure you get the others to get you breakfast in bed! Can't wait to hear you guys rocking again at Reading!!

  10. 20.Apr.2013 @ 21:06 - biffyclyro1983 wrote:

    Simon i hope you get well soon and come back even stronger! my wife and i saw you at both Newcastle and London and you were superb as always, you all were, get well soon and cant wait to hear you rocking again very soon

  11. 20.Apr.2013 @ 16:31 - barbs wrote:

    Simon i hope you get well soon... You and the boys need some good rest and to take care . We know how much the music means to you but your health comes first XX

  12. 20.Apr.2013 @ 13:10 - OllieandPooky wrote:

    I'm so sorry to hear of your illness, Simon. Best wishes from your American fans for a speedy recovery! Thank you all for your passion - your music will stay with me for the rest of my days. : )

  13. 19.Apr.2013 @ 21:12 - handsome-inked wrote:

    Hey Simon, get well soon, thinking of you. If it's any consolation, I can understand what you are going through, Ive been in for the last fortnight with a large pneumothorax, not great but life never gives us more than we can cope with.

  14. 19.Apr.2013 @ 09:41 - bubble_al wrote:

    Very sad to read this. Hope you'll feel better very soon, Simon! Take care! xoxo

  15. 19.Apr.2013 @ 09:39 - agita wrote:

    . . ...feeling you... . . ...send my fondness to your wonderful soul

36 found


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