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New Video for Re-Arrange

Thu 01 Dec 2016 | Views: 6425 | Comments: 2
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The new video for Re-arrange the fourth single to be taken from Biffy Clyro's number 1 album Ellipsis has just been released.

The intimate video features Ben, Simon and James and was filmed close to the area the band grew up in. Check it out now below or by clicking here.

The seventh studio album 'Ellipsis' is out now and can be listened to here

Comments (2)

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  1. 01.Dec.2017 @ 00:00 - agita wrote:

    . . . .............. brÄ«niÅ¡Ä·i patiesi izjusti atklÄüta vizuÄüla vÄôstÄ«juma gadadiena dvÄôseliski skaistas mÄ«lestÄ«bas apliecinÄüjumam . . ............. . . .

  2. 01.Dec.2016 @ 23:58 - trashspillage wrote:

    Steamy and sweet at the same time. Great to see Simon's wife featured, the inspiration for many of their great songs.I have to fess up i love the tattoo tour !

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