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Wed 13 Jan 2010 | Views: 8745 | Comments: 11
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Following the European tour dates that we announced at the end of last week, we can now announce that Biffy will also be returning to the US in March to support Manchester Orchestra.

The two bands have been long time touring buddies, with Manchester Orchestra supporting the Biff on their last tour of the UK and Ireland back in November, MO are now returning the favour by inviting Biffy on 8 date tour of the East Coast of the States. A West coast tour will be announced in the coming days.

Tickets for the tour are onsale now by clicking here, with tickets for the San Francisco date available here.

The tour dates are:

March 2010
6th The Marquee, Tempe. AZ
7th House of Blues, San Diego. CA
9th Troubadour, West Hollywood. CA
10th Troubadour, West Hollywood. CA
11th Great American Music Hall, San Francisco. CA
12th Hawthorne Theater, Portland. OR
13th The Showbox @ The Market, Seattle. WA
15th Knitting Factory, Boise. ID

Comments (11)

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  1. 20.Mar.2013 @ 00:39 - Msteatime wrote:

    Come to the East coast of USA next year. :)
    I live in Georgia but could at least drive a few states. Have a great tour, sorry I missed it!

  2. 11.Feb.2010 @ 01:43 - dcnuman wrote:

    Wow! I guess I spoke too soon! Turns out Denver is on the list for March 18!! I'm excited PLUS I get to see Manchester Orch again! I'm one happppy camper!

  3. 01.Feb.2010 @ 05:03 - dcnuman wrote:

    Very sad you're not coming to Denver, Colorado this time around as I love the new album and would love to hear it pulled off live at top volume!! I can't complain too loudly though, having seen you twice here and twice in the UK....poor spoiled me!

  4. 19.Jan.2010 @ 22:17 - geekpunkrockerchick wrote:

    cannot wait to see you guys in Arizona!!!!

  5. 16.Jan.2010 @ 00:53 - BiffyUSA wrote:

    It's obviously the other way around....but who cares??? ANNOUNCE THE EAST COAST DATES!! And JaxSean....I'm right there with you hoping for some Florida dates...but I'm in South Florida! I'll meet you in the middle!!!

  6. 15.Jan.2010 @ 00:11 - ascotinmpls wrote:

    Just had an email from Live Nation that says Biffy is also support in Minneapolis on the 21st.

  7. 14.Jan.2010 @ 23:18 - brarig219 wrote:

    Yes, I do think the "east coast" / "west coast" thing is backwards as well... It got me stoked cause I'm closer to the east coast then the west coast, and an east coast biffy tour would be insane.....I've never had the opportunity to see them live living in the states. I'm from Nashville TN which is not exactly east coast, but better than nothing! Greenville SC is only a couple hours from Nashville...that would be a great location!

  8. 14.Jan.2010 @ 14:20 - JaxSean wrote:

    Aww, MO will be in Jacksonville, FL, on 2/27. Can't you guys show up a week early? And in Florida? When will the album be released here in the US?

  9. 14.Jan.2010 @ 12:25 - ascotinmpls wrote:

    Hoping you guys will also be announced for the MInneapolis show on the 21st March. Looks like the above shows are the only MO shows that have tickets on sale, but their site lists other dates....here's hoping.

  10. 14.Jan.2010 @ 06:42 - serpentis2099 wrote:

    You got any cool T-shirts and When you going to make it to IL. ???

  11. 13.Jan.2010 @ 18:05 - scrobble wrote:

    I think its the other way round. Those dates are West Coast dates. But never mind I am fucking stoked as not just one but TWO shows in LA, I will most definitely be attending both. And to add to that already great news manchester orchestra, le biffy and the features are all playing! what a line up!!

11 found
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