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Wed 19 Dec 2012 | Views: 31607 | Comments: 28
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Following the intimate European tour in November, Biffy Clyro will return to the continent in February and March 2013 to play a string of dates.

The 13 date tour will take place in 8 countries, kicking off in Belgium on February 17th, before heading to Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and ending in France on March 6th.

Ticket details, venue information and on sale dates are listed below:

17/02/13 - AB Box, Brussels. Belgium - TICKETS
18/02/13 - Melkweg, Amsterdam. Holland - TICKETS
20/02/13 - Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg. Germany - TICKETS
21/02/13 - Vega, Copenhagen. Denmark - TICKETS
22/02/13 - Sentrum Scene, Oslo. Norway - TICKETS
23/02/13 - Tradgarn, Gothenburg. Sweden - TICKETS 
25/02/13 - Huxleys, Berlin. Germany - TICKETS 
26/02/13 - E-Werk, Cologne. Germany - TICKETS 
28/02/13 - Nosturi, Helsinki. Finland - TICKETS
03/03/13 - Berns, Stockholm. Sweden - TICKETS
04/03/13 - Aladin, Bremen. Germany - TICKETS 
05/03/13 - Schlachtof, Wiesbaden. Germany - TICKETS
06/03/13 - Bataclan, Paris. France - TICKETS

Comments (28)

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28 found
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  1. 14.Jan.2013 @ 17:17 - miansimon wrote:

    Please!!! Come to Spain!!!!!!!!!

  2. 03.Jan.2013 @ 00:28 - river wrote:

    what a nice surprise! thank you... :)

  3. 29.Dec.2012 @ 12:42 - whatnot wrote:

    Seems like I'm not the only Austrian here who'd love to see you (again). Saw you at Rock A Field in Luxembourg and I'd say you gained a fan there ;) How about Arena Wien (Vienna)?

  4. 27.Dec.2012 @ 16:10 - UP1995 wrote:

    Hi there!! Do you will announce more countries for the tour or thatâs complete??

  5. 25.Dec.2012 @ 10:19 - tomandmicki69 wrote:

    So excited, got tickets for Berlin and Brussels. This is the best xmas present ever. Happy xmas to Biffy. xxx

  6. 24.Dec.2012 @ 15:11 - pablitoperic wrote:

    At least you can get on a train to see Biffy whitin Europe. There is no chance for me living in Argentina (South America) to see these guys live. Come to Buenos Aires Biffy !!

  7. 22.Dec.2012 @ 14:12 - Mannesandsten wrote:

    Just bought tickets to the gig in Stockholm and happiness is complete!!!

  8. 21.Dec.2012 @ 22:37 - jaketa wrote:

    As mirtza82, I was also going to buy a ticket for Helsinki, but it is already sold out now... :(

  9. 21.Dec.2012 @ 20:10 - mirtza82 wrote:

    The Helsinki gig (28th of Feb) is already sold out and I didn't manage to get a ticket. :(( Nosturi is such a small venue for a gig. Would it be possible to get another gig or change the gig to a bigger place?

  10. 21.Dec.2012 @ 14:58 - ogqozo wrote:

    People from South Germany, don't complain. Polish fans (I know there's not so many of us...) have been wwaiting for a good few years now, and it looks like again we also have to travel to Berlin to see Biffy.

  11. 20.Dec.2012 @ 23:44 - river wrote:

    returning so soon to nearly every city from the intimate european tour while other countries have been waiting since 2010 is kind of lame...

  12. 20.Dec.2012 @ 09:22 - desanderman wrote:

    Yeah! Unlike last time I now got my tickets for the Amsterdam gig. Thanks guys for coming back to Holland so soon again......nice!

  13. 20.Dec.2012 @ 07:06 - GoldenBob wrote:

    Yeah! Paris! Learn us French people real music! :)

  14. 20.Dec.2012 @ 00:05 - Neoderechte wrote:

    Yes Yes Yes Yes! Amazing! Wiesbaden 200 km its Perfekt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see Biffy in Berlin in November best concert last year and i see many!=)

  15. 19.Dec.2012 @ 22:43 - BiffyAlberca wrote:

    What about Spain?A gig in Madrid or Barcelona at least, it is worth it to come!

28 found
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