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Wed 08 Feb 2012 | Views: 20800 | Comments: 6
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We've counted the votes and we can now announce that two designs for the new Biffy iPhone hard cases have been chosen.

We had thousands of votes over the last few weeks for your favourite case design and we're deslighted to announce you choose the Acid Tree and Scrawl designs that you can see above. Both the chosen designs will be made up and added to the Bifty Store in the coming weeks.

The five winners of the competition will also be contacted and will be sent their favoured case shortly.

Comments (6)

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  1. 15.Mar.2012 @ 07:38 - just boy 10001 wrote:

    Please make an iPhone 3 one :) you could do a apple product series

  2. 08.Mar.2012 @ 20:13 - cameronclark182 wrote:

    Please Please do an Ipod one!!!

  3. 03.Mar.2012 @ 22:27 - James-458 wrote:

    Do a Blackberry one!:D

  4. 24.Feb.2012 @ 15:02 - lprovenzano wrote:

    Hey Brandys Pops here from Las Vegas, we met at your last show here,backstage. Please contact Brandy and come back thru here again. You guys are so good, listen to all your stuff always. Best of luck once again, it was a pleasure.

  5. 21.Feb.2012 @ 23:39 - RonanBiffy123 wrote:

    They all look great, can't wait to get a couple! when are you going back on our or releasing your new album? Hurry up guys, it's hard being a hardcore biffy fan without seeing yous!

  6. 18.Feb.2012 @ 11:13 - kingfellow wrote:

    Be great if some stadium gigs could be added to your festival gigs guys.................

6 found
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