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Thu 19 Aug 2010 | Views: 17201 | Comments: 25
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The limited edition 12” Vinyl B-side album ‘Lonely Revolutions’ has now completely sold out. Due to demand and for all those without a record deck, we have decided to make the album available on CD as well (more details of that next week).

The album, which will be released on Monday 23rd (Vinyl version), features all b-sides from the singles taken from Only Revolutions across two records. Only 300 copies of the 'Lonely Reviolutions' Vinyl and will feature the tracklistings:

Disc 1 Side A
1. Little Soldiers 2. Paper Friends 3. Robbery 4. Prey Hey 5. Eyelids
Disc 1 Side B
1. Timejazz 2. Help Me Become Captain 3. Once An Empire 4. Party On
Disc 2 Side A
1. Toot Toot Toot 2. Lonely Revolutions 3. Creative Burns 4. Sad Sad Songs
Disc 2 Side B
1. Hiya 2. Street Love 3. Hawkwind 4. 10 Bodies 5. 51 Trumpets

Comments (25)

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  1. 23.Sep.2010 @ 00:15 - angelwars wrote:

    LP finally arrived here in Colorado, USA with signed art on 20 September! Several emails finally got action and I'm glad to say it arrived in decent condition! Better late than never, I guess. Mon the Biffy!!!!!!!!

  2. 07.Sep.2010 @ 17:21 - khaine wrote:

    Still nothing for me! And I paid 30 € for delivery! I ordered the CD a week after and guess what? I have the CD before my first order! I'm so fucking disappointed! xD

  3. 07.Sep.2010 @ 13:53 - crazy_claws wrote:

    Received mine today. It's in good condition. I was worried. The only thing that I'm confused about is as to why I've got two of the signed artwork...? One was inside the vinyl sleeve, and the other was just in the box. Still, no complaints here.

  4. 05.Sep.2010 @ 23:29 - illfosill wrote:

    got mine today in the states (NY), looks like it was bent in every way which possible. and i have 1/100 prints that are signed.. i took a picture from every angle and i am sending it to warner for a full product replacement.. i have never seen such poor packaging for shipping a vinyl record. especially from such a reputable record label like warner bros... get your sh*t together boys!!

  5. 04.Sep.2010 @ 00:42 - Andy D wrote:

    Mine arrived in exactly the same state. I don't want to send it back unless they can guarantee me another copy and I know they can't so us fans are royally f***ed then. The least they could do is give us a voucher for a next purchase in their webstore or something. They might as well take a hot steamy dump in the envelope along with the album. They don't care.

  6. 03.Sep.2010 @ 09:11 - Star444 wrote:

    My copy arrived 2 days ago - in a flimsy bubble wrap envelope!!!! Album cover bent/creased and corners squashed. Also purchased 7" single - cover also damaged. Wrote to Warner Artists to complain and I was told to return items for a refund - charming! Just grateful the vinyl wasnt affected. Poor customer service -BEWARE!!!!!

  7. 29.Aug.2010 @ 00:36 - Nick93 wrote:

    i dont really want to complin, but mine hasnt come yet, anyone else in this boat??

  8. 27.Aug.2010 @ 17:54 - richardg92 wrote:

    Not got my copy yet although it does say order received so still waiting for dispatch email. :(

  9. 27.Aug.2010 @ 16:25 - knoxcr wrote:

    Yes... it would be great to see "Sky Demon" make its way onto the CD along with the acoustic version of "Mountains". I think that would make it complete. Also a CD release of "Missing Pieces" with all the Puzzle B-sides would be excellent!

  10. 26.Aug.2010 @ 09:37 - erik rosenlund wrote:

    Dont forget to put "Sky demon" on the Cd version (if itunes agree)

  11. 25.Aug.2010 @ 22:46 - mrsdallasgreen wrote:

    not received mine yet eitheer! not even had an email to say it has been dispatched! :( really hope my order has been received!

  12. 25.Aug.2010 @ 20:06 - alexhill wrote:

    you guys need to release an b-side compilation spanning your whole career

  13. 24.Aug.2010 @ 13:37 - neamg001 wrote:

    @Willrust303, they were supposed to be sent out on 23rd, not delivered, so delivery will probably be a day or two from now. I agree that there should be a proper CD version of 'Puzzle' B-Sides.

  14. 24.Aug.2010 @ 01:14 - Willrust303 wrote:

    I thought the vinyl was meant to be delivered for the 23rd :( . 24th now and hasn't been dispatched yet - I hope my order went through :S. Any ideas, people go theirs yet or still waiting? x

  15. 23.Aug.2010 @ 08:51 - erik rosenlund wrote:

    I know.. But I want the real thing not a digital release.

25 found
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