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Fri 27 Aug 2010 | Views: 21283 | Comments: 19
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Following the huge demand for the b-sides album 'Lonely Revolutions' on Vinyl last week, we have decided to release the collection on CD as well.

All 500 copies of the Limited Edition Vinyl sold out within hours of going on sale, so we've decided to offer the collection of b-sides on CD, which again will only be available via the Biffy Store.

The album will be released on Monday 30rd August and features all b-sides from the singles taken from Only Revolutions.

Click Here to order the CD now.

The tracks featured on the collection are :

1. Little Soldiers 2. Paper Friends 3. Robbery 4. Prey Hey 5. Eyelids
6. Timejazz 7. Help Me Become Captain 8. Once An Empire 9. Party On
10. Toot Toot Toot 11. Lonely Revolutions 12. Creative Burns 13. Sad Sad Songs
14. Hiya 15. Street Love 16. Hawkwind 17. 10 Bodies 18. 51 Trumpets

Comments (19)

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  1. 11.Sep.2010 @ 03:08 - biffyclyro10 wrote:

    I'm still waiting for my CD to arrive :( Really hope the postman is looking after it on its journey. Fingers crossed it will come Saturday Morning which is today!

  2. 06.Sep.2010 @ 17:22 - piccolami wrote:

    Ordered mine the Saturday before it came out and still haven't got it yet... Is anyone else still waiting?

  3. 05.Sep.2010 @ 19:20 - vinnie1010 wrote:

    got my copy yesterday! unlimited awesomeness.

  4. 05.Sep.2010 @ 14:35 - chaysmum wrote:

    Received my CD copy yesterday! Absolutely superb!!!

  5. 04.Sep.2010 @ 08:51 - ian mcconnachie wrote:

    I still haven't recieved my CV, has anyone else had a similer problem

  6. 03.Sep.2010 @ 13:54 - oxmox wrote:

    Please re-print some more Cd´s. Please, Please, Please.

  7. 02.Sep.2010 @ 17:37 - bmulvany wrote:

    release more please or even put it onto iTunes so I can download it ye were great in Belfast last weekend and looking forward to another great show in Dublin in a few weeks

  8. 02.Sep.2010 @ 15:39 - stan_ds2 wrote:

    missed this one because i was at reading, I have the vinyl version but would like a cd too. please re-print some more cds thanks

  9. 02.Sep.2010 @ 09:30 - thepupsnuts wrote:

    noooooo!!! I totally missed out on this due to my stupid computer!!!....please please please release some more??????

  10. 01.Sep.2010 @ 14:00 - tjmitchelltj wrote:

    Biffy oh biffy, where is my CD??? I assume it has been released on time :) x

  11. 31.Aug.2010 @ 22:21 - Fab wrote:

    @aford12: I guess they only include b-sides from Only Revolutions on the cd. Don't know about vinyl... But another cd with more b-sides would rock too=)

  12. 31.Aug.2010 @ 20:27 - desotoguitarist wrote:

    Little soldiers was played at the Princes St Gardens secret acoustic show...and amazing it was.

  13. 29.Aug.2010 @ 21:44 - aford12 wrote:

    Some quality tunes but definitely lacking some greats, Time is an imploding unit and hope for an angel notably?? still cannot wait for my vinyl!

  14. 29.Aug.2010 @ 17:20 - Totoro09 wrote:

    i'm probably in your pocket maybe? for one of the empty tracks

  15. 29.Aug.2010 @ 12:54 - Darren Bubbles Hoey wrote:

    Do you think they will start playing some song of this album live ???????

19 found
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