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Tue 18 Sep 2018 | Views: 10077 | Comments: 4
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To celebrate the Unplugged European tour that kicked off over the weekend in Ireland, we are excited to reveal a series of extremely limited edition numbered screen prints and t-shirts with a unique design for each date of the tour.

The t-shirts and hand pulled screen prints (available on A2 310 gsm archival paper) are limited to 125 for each date (250 for London) and have been designed by a different artist for each city. Both sets of items will be available from the merch stand on a first come first served basis on each night of the tour.

A small number of each print has also been held back for an exclusive release on Biffy's online store after the tour has finished. Click HERE to sign up for Team Biffy to be informed when these will go on sale.

Comments (4)

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  1. 06.Nov.2018 @ 15:22 - DancePartner wrote:

    Will the small number of posters available be "first come first serve" or will there be a lottery?

  2. 11.Oct.2018 @ 17:59 - briana wrote:

    Any update available on this please? Would love to get my hands on an Amsterdam print please!

  3. 29.Sep.2018 @ 20:51 - Vikkiknight wrote:

    Is there one for the original show at the roundhouse back in November last year?

  4. 19.Sep.2018 @ 07:42 - melmah76 wrote:

    Can you please make the announcement a few days in advance as I for some unknown reason dont receove any emails from you..

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