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Thu 02 Dec 2010 | Views: 8245 | Comments: 5
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Only Revolutions has been nominated as one of the albums of 2010 in the iTunes Album of the Year award.

You can vote for the album to be crowned ‘Album of the Year’ now by heading to www.bestalbumandsong.co.uk, upon voting you will also be entered into a prize draw to win 10,000 songs from iTunes.

Vote Now at www.bestalbumandsong.co.uk.

Comments (5)

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  1. 16.Dec.2010 @ 15:34 - schlossheisen wrote:

    What she said.

  2. 02.Dec.2010 @ 23:58 - **bridie** wrote:

    (FloreNce, sorry.) angry fast typing always ends this way

  3. 02.Dec.2010 @ 23:54 - **bridie** wrote:

    oh my god... you HAVE to pick 3 songs from the list- theyre ALL shitty R&B/pop/women dressed as slags because it sells. rubbish! WHY CANT BIFFY be on the songs list too? the only decent one is Florece and the Machine, but theyve gone for the one that Dizzee Rascal RUINED. grrr.

  4. 02.Dec.2010 @ 22:19 - pifka wrote:

    voting is only for brits??? it is pity

  5. 02.Dec.2010 @ 17:16 - Amymarie wrote:

    Voted! None of the other albums compare, you should win hands down xxx

5 found
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