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Wed 23 Jan 2013 | Views: 14011 | Comments: 8
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To celebrate the forthcoming release of their new album, ‘Opposites’, Biffy Clyro are giving you the chance to download four acoustic versions of tracks from the album; “Black Chandelier”, “Stingin’ Belle”, Opposite” and “Different People”. Like on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, Subscribe on YouTube and join the mailing list, and each time you’ll receive a different track. Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of ‘Opposites’, out 28th January in the UK and 12th March in the US. Download Now!

Comments (8)

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  1. 29.Jan.2013 @ 09:50 - EugeLaw14 wrote:

    The only one i'm struggling to get is the "sign up to team biffy" one, i'm already signed up, although i don't think spamming the page with my e-mail over and over again will work, PLEASE SORT THIS!

    The rest of the tracks are excellent though!

  2. 24.Jan.2013 @ 15:06 - SoniaQ wrote:

    (Eskerrik asko! ¡Gracias!) Cheers!

  3. 24.Jan.2013 @ 14:28 - RinaBubbles wrote:

    Got all 4 of them, so beautiful!

  4. 23.Jan.2013 @ 22:29 - waynewarren wrote:

    The Band that keeps on giving! Loving these acoustics!

  5. 23.Jan.2013 @ 18:35 - angkaz wrote:

    It worked for me, which makes a change.

  6. 23.Jan.2013 @ 18:31 - Maggsy321 wrote:

    To actually download them rather than just listening you have to right click and then save target/link as. They're fantastic by the way!

  7. 23.Jan.2013 @ 18:29 - fazza69 wrote:

    i got them by right clicking and saving contact.... this may be the only way to get them

  8. 23.Jan.2013 @ 18:23 - tomandmicki69 wrote:

    I am so dissappointed. I have done everything to get these Downloads. I am a team biffy member, have liked it on facebook and follow Biffy on Twitter. I have had no emails, and the page were you are supposed to download it from doesnt let you do it. I missed the live stream from Neuss last night because there was only 25 mins notice given. I feel like I have to give up work and dont do anything but just spend 24/7 on the computer not to miss a thing. I am really upset

8 found
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