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Mon 19 Nov 2012 | Views: 24430 | Comments: 16
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Following the unveiling of album track 'Stingin' Belle' back in July, we can now reveal that the first single from Opposites will be titled 'Black Chandelier' and will be released on January 14th. 

The new single will receive its exclusive first play this evening on Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show from 7pm and you will then be able to listen again online to the track shortly after right here at biffyclyro.com. 

Black Chandelier will be available as an iTunes EP, featuring brand new tracks 'The Rain' and 'Thundermonster' and a live version of 'Many of Horror' recorded at this summer Rockness Festival. An exclusive 7" Vinyl of the single will also be released and is backed by another new non-album track 'Milky'. 

You can pre-order the Black Chandelier EP now at iTunes

UPDATE: You can now listen to the track below. 

Comments (16)

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16 found
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  1. 21.Nov.2012 @ 11:30 - bazzaread wrote:

    Great new song as usual, can't wait for the full Opposites CD next year. 'mon the biff !!

  2. 20.Nov.2012 @ 09:35 - kirkleeesp wrote:

    Great track, I'm Happy to see you in Paris next monday!

  3. 20.Nov.2012 @ 08:51 - Dodger1234 wrote:

    another awesome tune - you never fail to disappoint - literally never been so excited about a new album coming out.. Cannot wait to see you again in April ;-)) you rock my world :-))

  4. 20.Nov.2012 @ 03:59 - Peff wrote:

    Lovely song !!!! Can't wait until January 2013 ..... 2013 the year of the Biff .....

  5. 19.Nov.2012 @ 21:31 - agita wrote:

    . . . ... . ..... ! ................ ! b~ l ~ a~ c~ k ~ c~ h~ a~ n~ d~ e~ l~ i~ e~ r imagine how a lot of souls e x h i l a r a t e d 1st time tonight & w i l l b e . . . ... ! . ................... !

  6. 19.Nov.2012 @ 21:24 - tomandmicki69 wrote:

    What a coincidence. It s my lucky Biffy Day today. Got the tickets for the 02 through GETMEIN in the post today and now this!!! Absolutely love the new single. Beautiful. Will play it all night. Thank you so much guys. You always manage to make me sooooo happy. I dont know how I ever existed before I started listening to your music. Absolutely adored your cover of we built this city on rocknroll on Fearnes show a few weeks ago. I listen to it daily and it puts a smile on my face!!! Please release an album just with covers some time. You are the absolute kings of the cover !!! xxxx

  7. 19.Nov.2012 @ 20:34 - Martinehob wrote:

    This is beautiful, boys, as always. You deliver every single time. You guys never stop blowing our minds. Thank you for this incredible song, and thank you for changing my life completely. I'll always have your back! Mon the biffy!

  8. 19.Nov.2012 @ 20:17 - nycmikewp wrote:

    Another awesome chorus, and the rock out bit before the break is killer! Great job lads!

  9. 19.Nov.2012 @ 20:10 - haddel wrote:

    ...great song

  10. 19.Nov.2012 @ 20:01 - joshlowe30 wrote:

    I love it :) i was so happy when I heard it.

  11. 19.Nov.2012 @ 19:57 - Anja wrote:

    What could I say? I love that song! You did a great job! Can´t wait for January!

  12. 19.Nov.2012 @ 19:50 - tomtown wrote:

    Please release them as single packs lime you did with the last singles, I love those vinyl sets so much

  13. 19.Nov.2012 @ 19:22 - RafaelSquizzato wrote:

    Just in UK iTunes???? C'mon

  14. 19.Nov.2012 @ 19:20 - RocknRonald wrote:

    So when do we get updates about how and when we can buy the 7"?

  15. 19.Nov.2012 @ 18:55 - monthebiffwastaken wrote:

    release it on CD!

16 found
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