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Thu 10 May 2012 | Views: 12546 | Comments: 9
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As you may have heard the band are currently in an LA studio recording the follow up to 'Only Revolutions' with producer GGGarth Richardson. 

We've just added a preview video from the sessions that you can watch below.  

The band have also decided to give you 24-hour access to the recording of the album with a permanent webcam set up inside the studio. 

Keep an eye out next week to catch the launch of the live stream!!

Comments (9)

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9 found
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  1. 19.May.2012 @ 00:17 - stephjg93 wrote:

    Yeah please come to Newcastle!!!!

  2. 18.May.2012 @ 23:43 - snare wrote:

    Hurry up...an get to Newcastle

  3. 18.May.2012 @ 09:00 - MonTheBiff606 wrote:

    Come on biff, wheres my live stream!!!! Miss my boys so much :'(

  4. 14.May.2012 @ 11:55 - BIGBADW0LFY wrote:

    Roll on Rockness !!!

  5. 12.May.2012 @ 23:05 - Mauretto83 wrote:

    looking forward to the live stream!

  6. 11.May.2012 @ 18:52 - Louise-McNicol123 wrote:

    so excited, but come back to Glasgow soon!

  7. 10.May.2012 @ 16:13 - Nancy0710 wrote:

    Can!t wait to hear the new stuff, hear your old man is in a new band ! Ben . What,s it called and is he any good lol Nancy

  8. 10.May.2012 @ 14:19 - Blaaah wrote:

    I am very excite!

  9. 10.May.2012 @ 13:00 - AnnaInga wrote:

    can't wait!!!!! ILY^^

9 found
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