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Fri 30 Mar 2012 | Views: 17700 | Comments: 6
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As you may have seen earlier this month, Biffy celebrated 10 years since the release of their debut album ‘Blackened Sky’, that was unleashed into the world on March 10th 2002.

To celebrate the anniversary, Beggars Banquet are releasing an extended, gatefold version of the album on heavyweight purple vinyl on Monday 2nd April. The additional tracks include two songs - ‘Hope for an angel’ and ‘Less the Product’ - from the incredibly rare debut EP "thekidswhopoptodaywillrocktomorrow" and, among others, the stunning ‘breatheher’ that has made several appearances in the live set over the last few years.

You can pre-order this extended version of ‘Blackened Sky’, on Vinyl, by clicking here and get more details of the release at beggars.com.

Comments (6)

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  1. 12.Apr.2012 @ 19:36 - RedHedge wrote:

    My vinyl arrived today and it is amazing!!! Can't wait for the others to be released.

  2. 07.Apr.2012 @ 01:09 - RedHedge wrote:

    Fantastic idea,all albums on vinyl.I am lucky to still have a record player.The only down side is, I ordered strait away but Amazon are still waiting for stock delivery so I have no purple LPs to play :(

  3. 05.Apr.2012 @ 20:10 - monthebiffwastaken wrote:

    I agree with EugeLaw14, gotta make a cd!

  4. 04.Apr.2012 @ 17:42 - RafaSquizzato wrote:

    Thanx Biffy, I already bought mine! Love vinyl and wait the other cds on vinyl too!

  5. 03.Apr.2012 @ 15:34 - monthedwaine wrote:

    EugeLaw14 i think beegars have done this so that songs such as hope for an angel are put onto vinyl as all the songs on the second vinyl are all available on cd already but not on vinyl

  6. 31.Mar.2012 @ 14:36 - EugeLaw14 wrote:

    this is awesome but i wish it was on cd!

6 found
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