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Fri 21 Sep 2012 | Views: 8780 | Comments: 4
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Following the announcement of 'Opposites' release date and tracklistings earlier this week, Biffy will showcase a few of the tracks from the new double album this weekend at shows in Leeds and London. 

The band play a sold out show at Leeds Academy tonight supported by Then Thickens, before heading to London on Saturday for the iTunes Festival at London's Roundhouse, where they will be supported by Frightened Rabbit.

Coverage of the London show will be streamed live online from 7:00pm on Saturday night (with Biffy on at 9pm) via iTunesFestival.com, with BiffyClyro.com covering both shows via our #biffylive photo blog. 

Comments (4)

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  1. 01.Oct.2012 @ 20:15 - Anja wrote:

    Coooool gig! So and now tell me, how i can survive the waiting-time until the 28. January ? NEXT YEAR !!!

  2. 23.Sep.2012 @ 09:34 - Sophie wrote:

    It seems that it cannot be shown anymore, was this just a live coverage then? Surely there must be some sort of technical error there...How come One bloody direction and Guetta twat are still aavailable to watch....wth?!Xx ps- Ribcage and Angel= :) XX

  3. 22.Sep.2012 @ 22:41 - Mathilde wrote:

    Quel bonheur de vous retrouver. Pas présente physiquement mais c'est tout comme. Concert exceptionnel. De belles nouveautés qui laissent présager du j'en suis certaine excellent prochain album. Une soirée comme je n'avais pas vécu depuis très longtemps. Je n'attend plus qu'une chose, vous revoir enfin en France ou ailleurs, avec toujours le même engouement pour cette musique qui me fait tant vibrer. Merci pour tout et à très bientôt je l'espère.

  4. 21.Sep.2012 @ 17:23 - Sophie wrote:

    Oh sweet, thanks in advance for the live coverage for us losers who cannot make it to the shows. There are no words in any language strong enough to say how I am GUTTED I am not going. Boo-hoo. Mon the awesome shows your are about to produce chaps! xxx

4 found
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