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Sat 23 Jun 2012 | Views: 8373 | Comments: 3
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Biffy Clyro are set to play the Isle of Wight Festival this evening, where they will perform second to last on the legendary festival's main stage ahead of Pearl Jam. The weekend will then be rounded off by heading to the Rock-A-Field Festival in Luxembourg on Sunday. 

You can check out exclusive backstage photos from the Isle Of Wight Festival during the weekend via the Biffy Photo Blog, as well as a few shots from the recent shows in Swindon and Rockness. Finally you can view NME's Top 7 bands to see at Isle of Wight by clicking here. Guess who's number 1! ;) 

Comments (3)

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  1. 07.Jul.2012 @ 01:46 - ThisMusicsForYou wrote:

    As IF Simon has Cholula hot sauce, it's my favourite thing in the world

  2. 27.Jun.2012 @ 23:25 - RachCass wrote:

    just thought I would add to this and say that I have never been to a festival before but I was there 2 people from the front at the Isle of Wight..... in the mud.... and you guys where the highlight of my entire weekend. Hopefully I wont have to wait to long to see you again!!! best band I have seen live!!!!!!!! also the set and song choices where amazing... thank you and GOOD LUCK! doing it for scotland =)

  3. 26.Jun.2012 @ 14:23 - Tim-L wrote:

    Hey, just thought I'd comment about the interview with Absolute Radio from the Isle of Wight Festival too, that can be found here http://absrad.io/LIwbMC. All the best, Tim from Absolute Radio

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