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Thu 29 Nov 2012 | Views: 8403 | Comments: 2
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While in the states next week Biffy will play a live acoustic session and video chat with LiveStream which can be watched from around the world.

The session and chat will stream on Tuesday 4th December at 7pm GMT / 2pm ET / 11am PT at new.livestream.com/livestreamsessions/biffyclyro.

To join in on the chat and keep updated on how to put questions to the band click here and follow the page for updates.

Comments (2)

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  1. 03.Dec.2012 @ 21:04 - tomandmicki69 wrote:

    I m so excited about tomorrow night. Cant wait!!!! Only eight weeks from today and the album will be out. Exciting times!!! Love the photos guys!!!

  2. 03.Dec.2012 @ 20:15 - Anja wrote:

    Woohoo! I hope my gammy laptop can manage it!

2 found
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