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Fri 01 Jul 2011 | Views: 25969 | Comments: 14
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The band are set to head to Milton Keynes this weekend to perform two sold out shows with the Foo Fighters.

The biff will take to the stage at 6:45pm on both Saturday and Sunday at the legendary Milton Keynes bowl just ahead of the Foo Fighters, with Tame Impala and Death Cab For Cutie (Saturday) and The Hot Rats and Jimmy Eat World (Sunday) also set to appear over the weekend.

Saturday 2nd July

Gates: 14.00
Tame Impala: 16.30 17.00
Death Cab for Cutie: 17.30 18.15
Biffy Clyro: 18.45 19.45pm
Foo Fighters: 20.15 22.45

Sunday 3rd July

Gates @ 14.00
Hot Rats 16.30 17.00
Jimmy Eat World 17.30 18.15pm
Biffy Clyro: 18.45 19.45
Foo Fighters:- 20.15 22.45

Comments (14)

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  1. 19.Jul.2011 @ 21:30 - robertjamesmc wrote:

    must admit,took a while to get into biff!!!(big mistake),until i saw them at milton keynes-now i cant get enough of them!!

  2. 07.Jul.2011 @ 12:07 - biggaz26 wrote:

    Didnt think is was botheres about seeing Biffy on saturday. Man am I glad I did, Biffy were awesome and Foos had to go some not to get upstaged!!

  3. 05.Jul.2011 @ 13:20 - Clyro_Biffy wrote:

    Feckin amazing !!!!!! The Foo's had to do something special to beat you guys on saturday nite... Cant wait to see you guys again..when are you touring?

  4. 05.Jul.2011 @ 07:56 - DJMarkCooper wrote:

    Sunday night was incredible! Wished i "Monned the Biff" years ago - best band I have seen live for years. Thank you xxx Coops

  5. 04.Jul.2011 @ 12:19 - LeighReich wrote:

    You ROCKED! Fantastic - cant wait for the next show! Make it soon :-))

  6. 03.Jul.2011 @ 21:50 - Klayre wrote:

    OMG! Was so looking forward to seing you guys Saturday and you were absolutely amazing! Best night ever,perfection.x

  7. 03.Jul.2011 @ 14:05 - spearos71 wrote:

    FEK-ME..!! You guys were awsome last night..! Only done studio stuff up to now, but . . . what a set, ABSOLUTE CLASS..!! Nice 1..!! :)

  8. 03.Jul.2011 @ 08:45 - Amp90 wrote:

    You were amazing as always . Made my night xoxo

  9. 03.Jul.2011 @ 07:25 - victor wrote:

    Good luck Guys, You're the Best , Mon The Biff !!

  10. 02.Jul.2011 @ 18:55 - BornOnAWhorse wrote:

    Stoked! See you Sunday! MON THE BIFF!

  11. 02.Jul.2011 @ 10:44 - sunnyside488 wrote:

    Can't wait till tomorrow, it's going to be awesome. :)

  12. 01.Jul.2011 @ 22:06 - lovinrunnin wrote:

    Very excited to be seeing you sunday .

  13. 01.Jul.2011 @ 20:41 - Pandora's box wrote:

    Its going to be a perfect :)

  14. 01.Jul.2011 @ 18:25 - finch1 wrote:

    cannot wait! tomorrow will be one of the best days ive ever had.

14 found
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