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Fri 08 Jun 2012 | Views: 9683 | Comments: 12
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Biffy return for their first live shows in over seven months this weekend when they play the Download and Rockness Festivals, as well as a sold out warm-up show in Swindon tonight. 

BiffyClyro.com will be there every step of the way starting with documenting tonight's show in Swindon via a special photo blog that can be viewed from this afternoon here, as well as photos from the weekend. 

Doors for tonight's show at the Oasis Centre in Swindon open at 7pm, with support from Pure Love (on at 8pm) and Biffy onstage at 9pm. 

Saturday will see Ben, James and Simon head to the Download Festival to take to the legendary main stage at 6:25pm just ahead of headliners Metallica. Finally Sunday will see the band return to Scotland to close the main stage of Rockness 2012 (onstage at 10:30pm).

Comments (12)

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  1. 14.Jun.2012 @ 19:48 - cameronclark182 wrote:

    I was at RockNess and I was right at the front and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  2. 10.Jun.2012 @ 18:49 - AliceGJ wrote:

    Friday, in Swindon was the best gig i've ever been to. First time seeing Biffy and loved every second! I'm only 5ft tall and everyone was really sympathetic towards me. Everyone was so nice! Also, i lost my shoe in the second song, so i was hopping for most of the night! Thankfully I didn't break anything, but i have a bruise! Pure Love were really good too! Not very often is there a good support band, so thank you! The set list was incredible, but i was gutted that they didn't play 57. If you haven't seen them live yet, you need too. No matter how far you have to travel, it's worth it!

  3. 10.Jun.2012 @ 18:24 - tomandmicki69 wrote:

    Thank you so much guys for the amazing show at Swindon. The best concert I have ever been to. It was worth the horrendous journey with disruption up from Brighton and the wait in the wet and cold. I loved every minute of it and was so sad when it came to an end. Cant wait to see you again next time. Please come down to Brighton some time!!! Also thanks for the brilliant support band.

  4. 10.Jun.2012 @ 02:02 - Karen100 wrote:

    Saw you at Download, just got home. You were amazing as ever. you guys should have headlined. Metallica not soo good.

  5. 10.Jun.2012 @ 00:58 - abbie wrote:

    Words cannot describe what it was like to see Biffy Clyro play in the same sports hall that I went to a roller disco birthday party in when I was 7.

  6. 09.Jun.2012 @ 22:32 - Loopylisa wrote:

    Swindon was my first time seeing the band live and boy did it rock! enjoyed it massively :)))) - liked the new stuff esp. Victory over the Sun(?) so looking forward to the new album! Gutted that Simon didn't strip off - deprived an old gal her fantasy! LOL! Hope to hear of a UK tour after the realease of the new album Lads, x p.s. can we ban tall people and mobile phones filmimg, they just get in the way at gigs!

  7. 09.Jun.2012 @ 20:10 - RedHedge wrote:

    Had an absolute ball last night !! The new songs sound amazing.Thank you so much Simon,Ben and James !!! Big shout out to Tom from Nottingham who we met in the queue and then saved us a spot on the second row.Also to the Welshman and his son Michael.Lovely people !!! MON THE BIFF !!!!!

  8. 09.Jun.2012 @ 01:54 - claw wrote:

    Just back home after an EPIC night at the Oasis! My Daughter and I were blown away by the whole experience. Pure love were fantastic support and really did get the crowd revved up....Thank you ,Guys!! Biffy Clyro, up close and personal....OMG!!!!! You made an old lady very happy!!! The entire set was awesome from start to finish...I think the Biff got a real buzz from such a small and civilized crowd !! And the wait in the wind and rain after was worth every wet, freezing minute.....Thank you SO much for taking time to see the fans waiting at the bus.....I have photo's and a signed CD that will be a lasting reminder of an absolutely amazing night. Thank you, Biffy Clyro.

  9. 09.Jun.2012 @ 00:55 - tpearle wrote:

    just back as well - just awesome!! Simon apologised at one stage for being a bit rusty - if that's rusty then everyone else is in for an absolute treat this summer!! Great support from Pure Love! - a class warm up act who really gelled with the crowd. Small enough gig to even see the beads of sweat falling from Simon's hair!! Only complaint was from my better half - Simon wearing a boiler suit (he admitted it was ill advised!) and didn't get his kit off! Sound, set and performance just wonderful. Very friendly and civilised venue - well done Oasis! If you thought Milton Keynes was a pivotal gig for the boys then prepare to be just blown away. Thanks guys; fantastic. The hour's drive home in the wind and rain was fun but just being there seeing what we saw made everything else pale into insignificance!!

  10. 08.Jun.2012 @ 23:41 - archie107 wrote:

    just got back from tonights gig , fanatastic ! who would have thought it in swindon. when are you coming back?

  11. 08.Jun.2012 @ 17:19 - spiral6static wrote:

    Great to see that you have a thought for people who have not the chance to see Biffy tonight and this week end ;) BTW, the photo blog doesn't seem to work at the moment. Have a great show guys and don't forget to come in France !

  12. 08.Jun.2012 @ 16:07 - Sophie wrote:

    Ouh yeah nice idea that...for those losers (me!!) who won't see you play this weekend....Grrrrrrr. Should the link to the blog work from noo?...Its not at the mo', ok ok,maybe Ill wait a bit...Thanks anyway, another sweet gesture for the fans,) Good luck and welcome back on stage! xX Sophie

12 found
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